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HIGHLIGHTS: Hornets 114, Kings 105



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Sun, 31 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

We'll Seth Curry may be the face of the Warriors franchise David Lee is the -- Lleyton acknowledged 2013. All star. When it comes to the team's heart and soul few would argue that Jarrett Jack deserves that title. But as I found out this week titles don't mean much to Warriors extraordinary. Sixth man. Based on his stats alone -- thirteen points per game and a league high five and a half assists per game off the bench. Derrick Jackson be a strong candidate for NBA sixth man of the year I didn't start this season thinking about a trophy. Hopeful this. Well the -- win his leadership on and off the court then Jarrett Jack might just beat the Warriors can be paid. He's been who should pick up so I don't I don't think we'd be where we ought to this. -- -- Coach Mark Jackson says wildly Newhan who's getting on the court in Jarrett Jack it took him awhile to figure out what he was getting off the court with Jarrett Jack. Holds guys accountable. Very Smart. He's a no nonsense guy you know relax have fun he's going to call it what it is. You don't know that -- your round today and sees something. Try to help. Do it in the way way he's not. Really cares about is stuff can be you know overwhelming -- -- -- feel right now. Thousand kind of -- -- -- -- own situations try to get into the NBA and you know being able to have settled down you. We'll all move into the profession. One in off the tour is so much. I've got to be a good teammate. Like. Jarrett Jack came to the Warriors off arguably his best season as a Pro Bowl with the New Orleans Hornets a team with a losing record. Jack says playing in this situation fighting for a playoff spot with the Warriors is much much better. -- -- -- -- Beat down the team then also was become independent if he's full of -- that some people may have felt we -- admissible -- here. -- -- -- specializes in the associated with winning and being with the fuel you get back here. On the sold back to that sixth man of the year award there's one more reason Jarrett Jack says he doesn't need it has been allowances to live out my -- That I want loses out there. And being able to walk out there each and every day is. John Henry Smith Comcast sports net.

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  1. Highlights -- Hornets 105, Kings 96

    About Sacramento Kings in the by you've taken on the Hornets looking to snap a five game skid early first points on the break Jason ..... quarter though Walker's that so easy that you and it's paid. To do it Hornets win 105 to 96.

  2. Thompson, Lee lead Warriors over Hornets

    dunk and then. Little bit later. Smith worked on the glass again I know put back slam New Orleans up by one at that point Hornets outscored the Warriors sixteen point four in the paint. Books up for a late the second Jarrett Jack curry had a triple double

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  1. went for you guys what does mean in terms of confidence just going forward. Mean it's a huge game and the Cubs games so Hornets who we knew we had to. Literally and it was a must win and you guys it's a big confidence boost for us it was ready get

  2. L network to my school with the Hornets . You standing back downstairs For joining us. You're one win over Rangers lost away from the post season you've played a

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  4. anytime implants might divisions and when he does and obviously you know right we know it. You know put together and I Take Hornets and the morning and for us to. They'll come out there who set the tone early score some runs you know be a personal thing

  5. Former Terp Greivis Vasquez traded to Kings


    Thu, 4 Jul 2013

    Former University of Maryland star Greivis Vasquez went from nearly winning the NBA's Most Improved Player award with the Hornets to being traded to the Kings in a 3-way deal.

  6. Exclusive 1-on-1 with Yoenis Cespedes


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    different days and you'll hear. Linguists. A hole does that for him and he's tried to communicate with everybody the best you Hornets us. And about life and live here and them or you're involved horrified and this. The traffic. area I'll help you. Moved

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  8. know we got we know that I think we don't get into those particular we've just kind of recover and in. For the record Hornets game. About the victory and the moment. he having him on the road and those. Potential he's. Turner's whether emotionally

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  10. a catcher's mask as the starting catcher for the Alameda Hornets baseball team. Score serve undisclosed partner remember my ..... classmates it's Wear them out here. And while Robby in the Hornets know that baseball is Jackson's second passion. He is a

  11. left side. David your Yahoo! Sports when I think but the Hornets get the run back is drew reaches dropped one to shallow left ..... get a runner at first it's an unassisted double play. The Hornets tied the game in the top of the fourth that Trevor agree only

  12. like it. Like Dick Williams are guys like catfish would appreciate what's going on here today at all. Haven't ruined the Hornets . It's definitely okay. It's. Okay. OK OK. Okay. Okay. she's three and it's. One. Okay. It's. I gotta give

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  14. today meantime Jesse Louis leads Alameda Hornets with his 385 batting average. An interest ..... between the first place team and the Alameda Hornets try to catch up to the fire breathing ..... more but some fine defense here by the Hornets . They shot deep to right center lots

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    Thu, 11 Apr 2013

    John Salmons scored 22 points, Marcus Thornton contributed 20 off the bench, and the Kings defeated the Hornets 121-110.

  16. Kings look to avoid season sweep by Hornets


    Wed, 10 Apr 2013

    The Kings must beat the Hornets Wednesday evening or allow them to accomplish something not seen in Sacramento in 16 years.

  17. at the end of games Jarrett Jack has that post season experience as far as running the team down the stretch. Thought the Hornets GM Dell Demps have the other night. And he said you know when Chris Paul faltered. Jarrett Jack was instead a guy who stepped

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    The Warriors' magic number to clinch a playoff spot is down to three after the Jazz lost to Denver and Golden State took care of business in Oakland with a 98-88 win over the Hornets .

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    David Lee and the Warriors have eight games left to clinch a playoff spot, starting with Wednesday's game against the Hornets in Oakland. Follow along with In-Game Live!

  20. be a good teammate. Like. Jarrett Jack came to the Warriors off arguably his best season as a Pro Bowl with the New Orleans Hornets a team with a losing record. Jack says playing in this situation fighting for a playoff spot with the Warriors