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Nicolas Batum

  1. throughout the first inning and Politico there have been. Regrouped and you lose. Some solid workout there and penalties. Batum with confidence right now and use all those pitches and and it was right there in the ball game we won that game him and consume

  2. three volley at 41 in the first half Portland up by seven. That's the great third quarter more from the Blazers Nicholas Batum . From way downtown blazer and ten point three from beyond the arc for the game and how while Crawford finished with a season

  3. 2.15: POR/GSW -- game highlights


    Thu, 16 Feb 2012

    the game and on. Good game they give ago was stepped curry there and Then while that's not to read the turn over Nicholas Batum heads up and it. On the other hand and saved four point game at that point at bay you know. Get involved with the defense