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6.26: Geoff Petrie on Omri Casspi



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Wed, 30 Mar 2011|

Thornton and Casspi join Jim Gray following the win.


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Now when their fourth game homer -- becomes -- a big contributor Parker's health about -- of the game there and how you were able to keep your dad needed to. I was much work hard -- trying to get them out of their bats -- minutes that was before and it just don't learn and as a group we -- we don't what we learned. The -- getting thank you Mario. Put elevated. How tough is that for a guy and you've been in this circumstance before you got Sacramento to sit on the bench. Know that you may be capable of playing but they're not college and cover this tough. Know when you. Know you're getting -- -- cup team in every which way north up pummeled the candidate we know -- That is game. But as we say Sacramento you news outlets and the Clinton. Great game tonight Martha congratulations already didn't play the last three games you had to keep your patience tonight he came in turn around this game how did you manage to keep your equilibrium and know that you could still contribute to this team after not. Being able to -- Well that's. You know and no professor and his email didn't fit to play basketball and embellished. Really -- and then at practice facility this morning 9 o'clock my shots and you know that my work and got to be ready. The -- home run and I was kind of surprised enough and I did get an opportunity Atlanta within. And how much you have to take advantage of the opportunity when you get the element. Well first of all the teams play well when I don't play so you know -- on the planet I never complain when he's playing well. After the current post political mine and and and wanted to bring them as you were down ten. And we figured out. What's with you and the Phoenix Suns because this is the second time -- hear -- you've been able to rally but he. Is that because I think that document that the -- -- -- -- I'll -- Kind of looked good to get me involved in the game enough to get back my minutes and there's not enough and that. What's changed with this TV guys now won four in a row and I'm not thinking he had that great road continue to attack. What the differences. Wouldn't talk about all along that we need to get up on straight and help -- -- the big man is doing a really good job you know. They can impact on the political role and and offered little -- -- -- they -- mostly in the end. And a little luck I means I can remember one point five games lasted only missed open shots and in the fourth quarter we're making him.

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  3. Kings Broadcasters Grant Napier and Jerry Reynolds say the Kings have some good tools in rookies Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi .