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W's starters announced; Barnes out for opener; Stanford loses Gardner



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Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

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The area dot com. Hello everyone -- history here with your morning minute for Wednesday October 30 warrior basketball. Back. Yeah they opened the season tonight against the Lakers however. Goals they will begin the season without Harrison Barnes the high flying forward -- We'll miss the first two games with -- inflammation in his left foot today Mark Jackson commented on -- status in addition to naming his starting five. For tonight's game. Well my starting lineup will be. Staff play Andre. David and boats and that's going to be just online we'll move forward I don't achieve those guys they've earned. And Harrison. We'll look to build on an outstanding rookie year and embrace the role and I truly believe that it can flourish. And for all things Warriors on opening night we got you covered on Comcast sports net Bay Area yeah sports talk live five Warriors pregame seven followed by the game. Warriors -- -- all live from the ORACLE Arena. You don't want to miss that leadership. We got one final out here kind of a bummer double a -- Sanford the president then Gardner out for the season after tearing his left -- tore a muscle. Gardeners that fits your seniors of this also -- college career Gardner was a cardinal co captain who had nineteen tackles and a team high eight quarterback hits. I'm on the trade this -- your morning minute. That was the windy this morning -- CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  14. of guys grow a bit and I hope doesn't carry over. Going back home to bed I was just gonna say you gold backed oral ORACLE Arena . What's the message that you have for the fans that they're going to try to. Let me get the I need everybody

  15. 2683. Pointers by stepped carry this year. And with five minutes remaining in this game the entire ORACLE Arena was rocking out here and Oakland. As the crowd chanted curry curry they want to see their star point guard. Break ray Allen

  16. Meanwhile the Warriors are still focused on winning and they're trying to lock down the six spot in hopes of avoiding the Spurs and the thunder. In the first round of the playoffs reported from ORACLE Arena Henry Wofford Comcast sports net.

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  18. are Golden State Warriors largely because of the crowd that is expected and the atmosphere that it's as expected and ORACLE Arena . And the fact that you have a guy like Jarrett Jack who while there isn't a whole lot of collective experience with

  19. Warriors welcome to Oakland native. Damian Miller and he's playing his second NBA game or at ORACLE Arena . He's just running total president of fairway as far as what I. Or doesn't that carries a sudden there are worried second

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    they entered the locker room most of them were staring The floor except one guy at the back of the pack it was the hall of Famer Jerry West and he's at three words ugly ugly. Ugly reported from ORACLE Arena Henry Wofford Comcast sports net.