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Kings overcome 17-point deficit, shock Warriors at Sleep Train



  1. John Salmons1:18
  2. Andrew Bogut0:10
  3. David Lee0:23
  4. Isaiah Thomas0:53
  5. Patrick Patterson0:22
  6. Warriors0:02, 0:48, 1:16
Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

That would be the Warriors and kings and yeah pain in the paint night sleep train arena for breast cancer where the second quarter. The ball up Andrew Bogut down and it makes that play out of a timeout -- by three at the break Bogut had twelve points seven -- Our support -- -- victory no go. Battle for the -- that Patrick Patterson David Lee and Lee gets the worst in the big time another look to elbow to the dog and how bad was it. Well you can almost see as we blow it up here he chipped it truthful -- But he would be fine and return to the game Patterson. The other little -- as well to open them. Back to carry and doing his thing spot now. And at the triple fourteen of steps 24 in the third quarter Warriors by seventeen. Late in the third. Little chippy there -- Isaiah Thomas and curry in the stare down like you and building enters its about sportsmanship and -- just don't get along. Fourth quarter Thomas. Chicken day. Loses that gets that bad throws it out cold you know what's going to be your night when that goes down. -- sale would that team high 21 off the bench he was terrific final ten seconds Warriors by one John Salmons. Whole wide open spaces doesn't -- the -- he had fourteen kings 52 final possession for the dubs. Get it to leave. -- foul on the way to -- down like 22 free throws hit the first second. That's it. Games -- in 9198. Just one pre season games to go the Warriors -- just denying that fourth quarter points they shoot 37%. From. 363%. From the stripe and get out rebounded by seven yet only pre season but not a banner night.

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    We got penetration and guys in there and now they have to. Find him in the courtroom one threes well. Talk about Patrick Patterson 's efforts knights are couples slow but it seemed to getting little rhythm in the second half and really contributed

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    NBA record with 233. Pointers tonight. everything from. Good start in goal tonight your target golf right now Patrick Patterson . must undergo Houston to for seven from deep in the first quarter to the second quarter Warriors up one Patrick

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    Rockets seven of the final eleven from beyond the arc three point. Game of that it. There is brought it again. Patrick Patterson what the putback. Rockets now six game to win ninety now. 96.

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    But did have thirteen assists and bring it up in the second during that one of his best moments turns it over. Patrick Patterson Toney Douglas and I'm turnovers for the Warriors in the first back. Second half and Andrew Bogut and Terry Harrison

  1. today early today so that he our basketball team and gave us what he could on the floor. I just go down the line Patrick Patterson challenging him to be a better rebounder and though he did a good job rebound that's what critical moment and rebound

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  3. great. James Anderson from three point land Toney Douglas from your mom's house James Harden. He gets the glory Patrick Patterson doubled to three pointer and from the hitting me hard and frame. And get them blocked his time NBA regular fourteen

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