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2.3: Chronicle Live discusses Monta Ellis' All-Star snub



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Thu, 3 Feb 2011|

Greg Papa, Matt Steinmetz and Monte Poole talk Monta Ellis, NBA All-Star game.


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-- out of the gate. Monta Ellis did not make it's. Throughout -- well yeah. You still are the last warrior to do -- spree was a three titles startled NBA. 9697. Year long losing teams and -- last Peja Stojakovic couldn't Chris Webber were together. Spent seven years governor's State Capitol Milwaukee Bucks a big NF. Tonight they've waited a long time since Michael -- at last made it all star game for them. No Monta Ellis not a surprise here -- chronicle article yesterday was that could make -- welcome to chronicle -- -- bring in money pool from the Oakland Tribune and Matt Stein mentioned -- -- historians he has had myriad dot com and you're not surprised at -- you're Monta did not make it. -- not really actually I mean if you look at the list to the other guards. Westbrook Deron Williams Manu Ginobili. Mean who you gonna cross off that list and put marte in there you know the one player who's. A tissue could. Question is Ginobili but he's having an an MVP. Type of season for this team has got the best record in the NBA so. You know I wasn't a surprise but you know there's nobody on that list. Come across an awfully good Monta and I'm gonna. -- for the last couple do you guys still think there may be away because of injury that he may sneak onto this team. Let's go through a little bit here three yards which you mentioned Westbrook Ginobili Deron Williams are all richly deserving but Deron Williams missed -- -- your game on Sunday not today. With this year -- it's much they were talking about honest architect. And wrist injury. So inconceivable. That Darrent Williams and Jerry -- -- I wanna play in adults racquet images have as -- we even have a bad time here lately and got to make the playoffs again for coach Sloan. That he wouldn't skip the all star game could not to make it. That way I think secondaries we have. -- you look at it and didn't abandon conservative but he's not been playing and you can you talk. We don't wanna play it's a wrist it's not it's a committee can -- reenter so I think when you look at it that way it is a good chance that he will play of the game and that means that there's. They do replace Darrent Williams there's another snub out there -- guy who has more acclaim I think internationally growing up the -- in Canada and that is the great. Steve Nash is still having a very good year now how does this work Matt does does the commissioner look at -- tabulations at all is it strictly. Who I want in the all star game two I want national Latin Monta replacing Deron Williams. Correct he can -- he's gonna have to replace Yao Ming because Yao Ming was voted in the starter but he let him play because of injury. He can pick any position out there guard forward center at similarly with -- would. An injury replacement he can also do the same thing I think the thinking there is is if you feels like there's a player. Who deserves it he's not gonna keep them out solely based on position. Solemn. The thing with the thing with their -- and I do think suggesting he's listed as day to day right now. And there's about five games till the all star break so. Yeah he's the type a guy who I think if you can play he's gonna play. I would suggest nine that we want him to play in this -- the public doesn't know that -- stare at than selling did you -- if he's. If they're willing he's like an old time player if he's healthy he's gonna play our night let's just say for argument sake does not play in the game now the commissioner. To see evidence against Monta Ellis going back to the moped summer what he's supposed to be on the national team that it Monta blew him off because he had a little bit of a problem. He did not want the Warriors to nobody even last year in particular she wanted to play in that that horse competition and -- kind of blew that up you know this commissioner he holds grudges he has very politically savvy he knows who people lot do you think he just says no Monta forget him about ticket. We're gonna happen very easily I mean market a better year. In the massive and turned the national standards I mean that's isn't what he was let me you still. No great in terms of assists but his scoring is down other Suns are down so I think that can open the open market but yet no question -- -- these messages and. And he's always been a guy who's been at the staples Betemit I guess what spot for Yao -- -- we don't like that goes I -- get past. The go to LaMarcus Aldridge up in Portland yeah I just. I'm sorry I just don't see this Kevin Love talk and I know he's put up nice numbers but for goodness sakes they're the worst team in the Western Conference now. Sacramento's LeapFrog them you have Brandon Roy who's been out in in Portland most of the season Aldridge is. Carry in the load up they're they're still in the playoffs I would definitely take LaMarcus Aldridge over Kevin Love and then if Deron Williams doesn't play I think it comes down to Steve Nash Monta Ellis and. Maybe Tony Parker aren't so maybe makes it but for -- crisper on people there's good they are on the newspapers -- have a three loss is Monta got to. -- -- art for argument sake lets you know he's always back to make it today with a team came out initially. I say -- Warriors -- -- -- -- all star for fourteen years I go back to we're in a prank in -- sold the club that Jim FitzGerald in d'antoni and George Karl came in. You go back to the mid eighties you'd think they had a lot of all star's money but really they they've only had five. All star sleeping Floyd and Joe Barry Carroll made at the first year George Karl was here. -- Chris Mullin Tim Hardaway made it curiously Mitch Richmond remember may the all star had a warrior. As a warrior that's pretty well it was not a scorer Monta is but he was a better defender all around better player but the question I had I -- Jim Burnett this recently. Monta Ellis may be the best scoring guard the Warriors have ever had. Ever had and -- you put him up there above. Hardaway above Richmond. Above spring well instead just score the ball and invest your score this West Coast franchise has ever had to. Compare. And in a lot of ways to Gilbert Arenas. And are two guys who can take a three. The mid range game. -- can get to the basket Gilbert as good as -- did before but when Gilbert was here in May have a big stink Gilbert not copying what -- That's what he lives because you got to tick you off the dribble. Ultimate from the line or in the line market the same thing about so veterans or Charlie Frye 26 again though that -- you didn't know. Don't work -- well known until he got the Washington area many did but but yeah but the -- I would say in terms of a complete operative game and to the scoring. Yeah 46 and see the best scoring guard the Warriors franchises and on the West Coast I. I have to say that this spring will certainly more well rounded guard is much better defender. Yeah in my case yeah I would I would argue that. OC did not make it today that made with a couple of injuries he just find a way to get him at thanks retirement products that I.