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10.24: Bake's Takes from Atlanta



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Fri, 23 Oct 2009|

Comcast SportsNet Sharks Analyst Jamie Baker checks in from Atlanta where the Sharks prepare for their matchup with the Atlanta Thrashers.


Machine Generated Transcript

Exclusively on it and California not. Came -- -- a single day today -- little thinking about my dad Paul baker in the house and down in Tampa in my mom and playoff winner hockey game against Tampa Bay Phillips lost. How do you like better hockey -- to prepare preparation against black folks are working hard. Defensive phone covers a lot of three on 32121. On one battles. That's one of the keys for this weekend -- Atlanta and Philadelphia. You know New York it seems. So long ago when things were so good -- plan. 73 drubbing of the Rangers and they don't want any. And they play against Tampa Bay and they lose against a desperate captivating -- don't play their best game thrashers their last game they've played their best -- -- get -- -- teams. Playing in Atlanta Sharks are now in Atlanta it's rain rain here it's it's humid here and that's the beauty of pro sports. You move on from the last game to prepare for the next. Atlanta Thrashers you've got open shot you got great special teams poses a new challenge big game tonight Atlanta. Towering above the buildings here in Atlanta we've got the Philips Arena in the background concede that fact there were the Sharks not thrashers played in nineteen next Comcast time in the front and I'd like to see that. CNN's Anderson it's official we -- Atlanta -- Sharks are playing. Thrashers tonight so these -- first -- Gotta have a good start San Jose needs to start better we don't need to he would of course we've talked about them. Q number two win dolls you need to win battles along the boards if you do not that you have to win battles in front of the net. And that's where most goals are scored the other night when San Jose played Tampa you know what look at Brian -- Goals in three consecutive games he's not epic but he's finding ways to get body position get around the front of the net and banged on their own rebound goals. Just well that's it will your way to win those -- -- number three special teams Atlanta. Fourth best power play NHL's second best penalty kill. And I think the fourth key if there is one -- and after but Billy Cole -- one of the premier goal scorers in the world. Just as San Jose. Faced Ovechkin when the Sharks have started this road trip in Washington. They have to find a way to shut down all the -- he can change the outcome of the game Sharks didn't do it in Washington they have to do it tonight against Atlanta. Those are basics exclusively season California -- on.