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Warriors spoil career night from Jenkins, fall in Portland

Sun, 28 Apr 2013|

The New York Knicks were without J.R. Smith on Sunday, but Raymond Felton did his part to make up for Smith's absence. It just wasn't quite enough.

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  1. Jackson: 'It won't be Jenkins-sanity'

    he would have taken that apparently aren't. Well absolutely and today they made shots. Made the adjustment and Raymond Felton . made some big shots and hurt us. It. Good candidate we have currently That's a starting point double play the

  2. Morning Minute: Warriors fall late to Blazers; Tiger Woods finally back on top

    quarter Brandon Rush. I doubt long distance not once but twice to a road. But the war is up five later in the fourth Raymond Felton knocked down three on the game was tied at 85 under a minute ago LaMarcus Aldridge. The a tough Blazers up one last

  3. 11.10: Highlights -- Warriors 122, Knicks 117

    point lead the biggest of the night for the Warriors but the next. We battled back and it feels confident in history Raymond Felton . And all the sudden it got ourselves a five point game felt that. At twenty on the day curry answered with a zone

  4. 1.18: SAC/CHA Postgame- Grant and Jerry Wrap

    career high. I'm 34 points. Jon Brockman a career high of fourteen rebounds Gerald Wallace had an outstanding. Raymond Felton one rebound shy of the triple double put it out rebounding in the second half price is so if you pull us pull. You

  1. got to be able to come out. And and be more effective. In the second half of the football game. Now during its magic Dennis Felton said this was a critical game in could be the turning point other Raiders football season and with the wind. The players agree

  2. Sox that's why did you notice they're there gonna still the team out there that's gonna call you know fight. The last Felton you know they made a couple miscues and we will take advantage of. And a monster shot in the sixty we that moment at that

  3. and hit with a finger. Com I feel it more hitting. A little bit. Little bit scarier I guess is because. can get another Felton for some and it's gonna ride it out pretty good. It's gonna go with it aren't on week in and out of baseball serve with

  4. Time now put the. He in Bay Area dot com. I'm their Felton with a morning minute for Wednesday September 4 DA's plate game to about huge series with the Rangers unfortunately for Oakland

  5. but not your favorite team that can you can swinging so well how well he unabomber. Philly did and then. You know hoping inspectors Felton . And makes me. And it's backing away from them both. Just. Did. Seeing you in the bag around.

  6. Felton almost makes up for lost Smith


    Sun, 28 Apr 2013

    The New York Knicks were without J.R. Smith on Sunday, but Raymond Felton did his part to make up for Smith's absence. It just wasn't quite enough.

  7. Rivers: Raymond Felton is "killing us"


    Fri, 26 Apr 2013

    Raymond Felton has shredded the Celtics' defense through the first two games of the playoffs.

  8. going to England. Great experience. I have tremendous. Showing of support for the team. And knew just how. The Giants fans Felton as you want to tell those guys job well done and million or so people are more showed up to do that as a who's in the new

  9. Bochy on Pence: 'He's full throttle'


    Thu, 11 Oct 2012

    they hit an iron I'm married and it McGwire yeah I I don't know we nobody's saying yeah. He's always. It's so hard Felton . He did a great job. Guys going every day. He's full throttle. And employees I would prepare and get ready you know Victor

  10. know that right there was a big turning point for those guys got to get them back in the game. You know haven't. again left Felton Romo come in to help me out. You know to they're able to do it but I actually did a better job I think of trying to keep

  11. think everybody was in their uniform about a hour more. Before the game started you know try to get comfortable with a other Felton . You know it's just funny they'll have a drawbacks it's always you know an entertaining or much of the kids and here

  12. watching. Act and a jury to get and. I got the same for. Got ready early down on the film and they all came down and I had Felton got all the and and my both my coach. He's always pushed me that I always wanted to beat us you know this. Built upon that

  13. Sharks head coach John McLellan was generally optimistic. But the break did him wonders I asked lot. And other facial area Felton incidents it's improving a lot. Can breathe a lot better so I think he's making. Ruled that striker but will strive to

  14. you can tell it's and we skated today and that's great side. Think the break did him wonders I asked them all up. that Felton so it's it's improving a lot. Can breathe a lot better so I think he's making. What it's right. Maybe too soon right

  15. have to go back and check that but. Has gotten better you believe from last series of the series times throughout the year Felton to squeeze Harkin had done enough thought Purdue on the right things. It clears simple. When happen this guys have definitely

  16. Minnesota. New York also got so hot to Billups and three others in the deal along what that Nuggets they receive Wilson's salary Felton . got an. 22 round picks. From the heart with a spring training in Arizona the beard is back Giants closer Brian Wilson joined

  17. Game management. Well it. roster that would even in the movies. Preston Felton if you softly as he was old little over the couture is only the third period when it was not. lurking. Even after it goes to

  18. 11.17: 49ers Practice -- Barry Sims


    Wed, 17 Nov 2010

    this year than I was coming in Pittsburgh that you know more interest policy things. I've only long time when Nolan look Felton . Did it wouldn't surprise me you know I'm if I'm if I'm not. Plan muzzle if got a significant contributor for us in

  19. par. A team as coach manager that you start. Had a good chance to win the World Series before this and you remember that. Felton and and also what's worlds remember. Well I'll go back. I'm fortunate to get a seamless. This team in. Yeah the National

  20. other you often hear everything. It's good that's our teamwork of its new hear every night I mean tonight it was calm after Felton rebate any guys that. You know have been I've been doing it the whole year and every night there's somebody and that