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4.25: Warriors play-by-play man Tim Roye



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Tue, 26 Apr 2011|

What's the state of the Golden State Warriors?


Machine Generated Transcript

Go back to chronicle live -- I don't know what is likely a first your coach for the Golden State Warriors will take a look at this list Keith smart this series wins 36 games. That is almost with the exception had Don Nelson's best year as good as anybody is not -- muscle one. He won 38 games and down the bottom mr. Rick Adelman. He won 36 games in his first year it is not an easy deal there's no question about it here to help us talk about it now. The radio voice of the Warriors for sixteen long years of anybody deserves a championship it's this guy I didn't realize you have suffered through a whole lot of warrior games and and here we are again thinking about next year well you know I did you say supplements it's a great job it's very Kagan -- work the Warriors love. Working an area that has a passion and based on the way -- and they. An interest in knowledgeable fan since well you know I think with a new ownership coming in this year I think its. The real exciting time of the way so that's where is this team really are they and a and a tear down and rebuild mold mowed our name in. On the right track mode are they and a we're almost there are mood where are they. I think I think there are almost there but they they obviously need to get bigger and that's one thing that. But Cilic of and also Larry Riley mentioned and we need to get bigger they improve by ten games this year and you need to look at that a lot different ways but. It still improvement and I think one of things that they found out this year is that they they have. Five really good pieces if you -- you know. Other rookie who started for good chunk of the second half of the season so I think they have five good pieces and while Richie Williams coming off the bench. Now you need at you need at that big guy -- need to add something else and I think. I think they have the tools to do that the first time why how. How do they add two good Tina because of you know salary restrictions and that sort of stuff that makes it hard sometimes and go after good free agent from what I understand this is when -- and his drafts in memory. You know everybody's always says it's a lean draft we always have to wait I think for five years to look back and it's rafter really ascertain how good -- and it was. There's always somebody out there. You know I mean even with the Warriors Monta Ellis and Gilbert Arenas those were second round picks is always a player out there I think you're at -- that pick you have in the first round. And then I think you have to intelligent go about finding a free agent funny guys -- sour situation. And then obviously if they have the right deal comes along that I think gets pull the trigger on that deal. What are the five good pieces I mean I'd like to be specific affect. I think I think we'll five -- I think there are really get my tales of current backward they found out about the real writing an outstanding season. David Lee FA you know. Andris Biedrins I think is still you know to a question mark right now Reggie Williams off the bench could probably throw him as legitimate off the bench in NBA player. And and I think -- -- that group and I think you've got the nucleus there you can build around and obviously. As we talked about their needs it it's easy to bandy around talk of trades but. The Brewers really have that. That is trade bait if you will be hundreds perhaps. Well I think every play you know eight and a league where -- got traded cream got traded I think the united anybody can be treated -- VA area and and I think we saw this year. A do silly can't trade deck hire this guy because of contracts I think we saw that change. At the deadline so I think the only thing if the right deal comes along you know I think bill will make that deal I think one of the things they showed. At the deadline. I thought I thought -- a letter writing great job of not just making a deal. To make a deal you know he's gonna wait and make that right deal that that feels right that it that we'll have the franchise moving forward. What do you think of perhaps trading one of the backcourt guys and I think that's always a subject for debate I think but I think also too. You know when people talk about that small backcourt and I go back in the -- in history. Jerry West and Gail Goodrich was -- on the you know things you know big backcourt native pretty well -- they had other pieces obviously with that. But I think one of the things that that. You also keep in mind is when other team's game plan against the Golden State Warriors they start with -- -- backward they're worried about that matchup going in. So I think it's much of a matchup problem they can be. Beyond that that other teams to be for them on certain nights they of their also a matchup problem for the other team if somebody has to guard Monta Ellis and he has a hard guy to guard. O'Neal before how how far away is -- to. -- another player away other player and a half what seems to me and and as you know I'm not a college basketball guy and and don't profess to know certainly what you know about him. About the NBA but it seems to be especially an offense and that. Three great players that you pretty darn good team in the NBA. I I think they have a couple of guys that did that that will fit that role right now I've I think with the right pieces added. Of this team can get right into the playoff mix. You -- thing about a 36 games if you get into the forties. Then -- in the playoff makes you are right there so I think it with a right additions I think this group can afford but you know obviously. He have to do it but but I I still I still believe they have a solid nucleus to -- -- Like that did them rolling dice a little -- there was some talk earlier in the season that perhaps they might make a little -- -- yeah I'll. Even know he's kind of damaged goods Oden and at Portland another guy -- kind of damaged goods but. Seem to be elected to be half bad idea. You know I I I think if you bring that the player in and you you've -- checked out physically and and I think that -- -- -- and I think if they thinking get it done. And you have to do it into a smart financial way obviously I think you can get something like that I I have no problem with -- -- Tim are you when you but think about bringing -- player in would your idea be at center. I think that's one area that they're looking at I think they'd like to play after you build them more at the powers fumble I think that. You don't -- not only thing the -- have to get. Vigor but they had to get. Wider if you feel I'm sure -- -- disease assailant knows James Donaldson has must bring out there we don't know about I'm not none of those things -- they need to get somebody of of size because if you look at the teams are running for the championship right now. You know what it Oklahoma City do they traded talented Ford and Jeff Green. And brought a big guy and Kendrick Perkins guy brings you some some toughness and and and some presence in the middle. And I think that's the way you know you have to go eventually you're gonna compete for a championship. I think that's what the Warriors -- could really use. And those guys are not easy -- -- know that don't come along off the -- let's get awaits him I know as of this near near do you the Ronald McDonald house and a a golf tournament. May sixteenth the benefit that things are celebrities play tells about itself aloha and -- -- -- over in -- black -- for the San article on the golf house and they do great work if you don't know about them. Go to -- website find out about families with kids -- Critical medical situations and they. Keep those there was a place to live in the placed him. And to get through it and you can go to the website also didn't click on the all of top left hand corner. 48 small fee on raffle ticket you can be eligible for all expensive. A trip to new York and they get the sitting with Regis and ending Kelly which I know lol you relate to -- -- another religious guy. Is what they -- guys is older than us and spread out yeah Scott yeah I kind of I got got Beckett I. If.