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YSTL: Best Warriors team since moving west?



  1. Andrew Bogut1:07
  2. Andre Iguodala2:14
  3. Harrison Barnes1:04, 2:00
  4. George Johnson1:22
  5. Warriors0:11, 0:17, 0:53
  6. Rick Barry0:21
  7. shot blocker1:39
Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

Monte Poole joins Greg Papa to postulate where this year's Warriors roster ranks in franchise history.


Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Greg -- but let's get right to what item number one on the home tonight present video by el camino hospital is. As I just said 7576. Was the year after the Warriors won the title that 7475. Year. That was a 59 win team the best of the Warriors moved west in the early sixties they got and over the reviews overs of Rick Barry. And the western finals that goes well. There they have really not -- -- -- in my opinion that is a championship caliber team body pulls recovered. The orders as long as I have or maybe even longer now we got up. On a daily basis and Comcast sports net Bay Area welcome to a Yahoo! Sports talk live by the -- is this the -- best team since Rick various teams of the mid seventies -- I can't beat I -- I don't know right now that it is I think you're looking -- team right now that's still being formulated you've got a missing part of Harrison -- you don't know how that's gonna work out when he gets back so when I see the Warriors now I see possibilities. I see a team that could shoot that can shoot well can rebound we'll cant defend well but has to stay healthy and will be all of its parts so right now they don't have all the. Parts could be lucky to get it Harrison Barnes will not play tonight but they are gonna have a Andrew Bogut in the middle that that's the main reason why I'm so optimistic about it as a front line of and -- together -- Joseph Barry Carroll was a decent player a with the Warriors really about tennis center combination like this since the days of flickering. Clifford ray and George Johnson what they did what a champion. Yeah I think everything is. -- NFL league now that really didn't have that many. Any great service they have some good terrorist but there's not a sort of centric league introduced a guy like Bogut and you see if he is healthy he's a top five guy. He can show little bit but he's not been good on on offense which is a very good defender. Pretty good shot blocker and a very good passer so you look at what he can do it blatantly obvious who last year either eighteen -- -- -- -- -- god I'm not great defender today that the my husband to work on his defense and expects to be better this year I think that's what we have a suitably. The Warriors did not have a great pre season they went three and four -- the sixteen hour flights to and from a the -- their back and I have Harrison Barnes tonight -- he won't play tomorrow we'll see if they -- Saturday against Sacramento it could've been a little growing -- this first night out and maybe the first week of the year until the -- begin the match -- absolutely and when you think about -- mark not being there anything but Andre Iguodala trying to -- -- on the going to be hard for him he's the kind of player who can do the things you -- you know he's just one of those guys -- the glue guy.

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