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1.23: GSW/PHO Pregame- Robin Lopez



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Wed, 11 Jan 2012|

Stanford basketball radio analyst Drew Shiller joins Jim Kozimor to break down Stanford and Cal basketball.


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We continue on chronicle lively not to LSU and Alabama in college basketball that's next on Comcast sports net. -- twelve basketball big weekend coming up in the Bay Area Colorado buffaloes first place in the pac twelve. They're coming to the bay on Thursday they gave cal on Saturday they are at Stanford. Those teams of all atop the -- twelfth. Basketball Gordon like -- and bad days. And talk of college basketball these Stanford at radio. Color -- Joining us here drew Schiller played college basketball. In the pac twelve in the West Coast Conference when I was little -- the Buffalo. The game right here drew let's get started with Stanford there are thirteen to 33 and one of the conference but they booed. You can fire with a tough question I know I like -- I swing I swing hard -- this is a is a very good solid Stanford team and on the league team. Yet they don't have that he signature win all of it almost got it against Syracuse the day after Thanksgiving and that's a square garden really let that one. Slip away but they've also they also don't have any bad losses so you look at their schedule. They're pretty much -- should be thirteen and three overall. And three and one the -- off but the talk about this Stanford team had to do with that incredible four overtime game. That they had at Oregon State they almost lost that they almost won almost lost and ended up winning and a game. I was just a thriller wild ride it was unbelievable it was an emotional roller coaster you know you're down by fifteen in the first half you come back and get within ten in the second half. And then late in the game you know Josh Owens as you saw on the monitor gets the -- get the layup as time expired however the referees. They replayed it exhibiting at the shot off the Thomas funny how that to get text messages and one person said. It's gonna count another person that it's not gonna talk. Another person said it's 5050 we can't really tell but. You know it was -- an unbelievable game for Stanford to go what's overcome adversity thinking how the game one. And in the overtimes is back and forth back and forth Anthony -- the Big Three at end of the third overtime to force a fourth overtime. And an -- -- they had a three at the buzzer that would have won that game so it was a huge win for Stanford ten to salvage that road split at the -- schools. And made that for 45 wake up call. On Sunday morning while -- it's a little bit easier when you get the west feels good if you lose up to four overtimes that it feels so good so good start for them in the pac twelve. But the question is how was Johnny Dawkins team do when and who stepping up for the Stanford cards. Will when you look at that -- state game a quadruple overtime win. One guy who really struggled early on the season Dwight Powell he was yet the blue chip recruit from the sixth man recruiting class of two seasons ago. He was an all pac ten freshman performer. Last year but this year -- he sprained his ankle. On a couple days before the season opener he was in and out of the starting lineup really inconsistent play. But in this Oregon State game he came in around five minute mark of the second half after John -- had fouled out. And he only had two points and four rebounds prior to that in the final twenty plus minutes he was huge eight point seven rebounds couple big blocks. As you seeing here finishing underneath. And this could be -- the kind of game as a catalyst to get him going -- for the rest of the season. Let me -- my chest out about Bay Area college hoops right here you got -- thirteen and -- Stanford at thirteen and three -- I don't know last time it happened. But could we possibly see at cal Bears in the stamper Carter caught cardinal both. In the NCAA tournament. We could. The last time the both teams in the turn the seniors actually 2003 both teams and into the second round. Of the NCAA tournament and I -- season ended today I think both Stanford and cal would. The in the field of sixty 68 now yeah I think they both threw their names announced cal. It high powered offense they're big time -- look at Jorge Gutierrez Justin Cobbs Allen Crabbe. Harper can't unbelievable staff from them for their win against UCLA. A two weeks back of the 34 buckets of demanded 286. So they play together in the feeding off one another they're very it's a difficult team. But indeed they have some you know early road losses at Missouri a blowout loss on a loss at San Diego State you know the but they're going to be very difficult to be home. The Stanford and cal matchups this year are going to be big time first one to January 20 ninth and then march 4 so it both teams finish 12 in the regular season. I think that both teams will make the -- regardless of what happens in the pats alternate so it is possible. Less than a minute Johnny Dawkins in his fourth -- is this a year that he really has to shine year for has a lot of these guys in his system. Well he's got a great job when he got the job following the 20072008. Season. He inherited a team that just made the sweet sixteen they were losing brook and Robin Lopez. To the NBA draft also a couple of big time seniors. From that team were big contributors. They laughed in his first year six and twelve and in the pac ten at the time. When they lost a lot of close games and you see what he did -- Landry Fields to get into the NBA -- he's he's an unbelievable coach couldn't quite get needed him you know it's some kind of disappointed about also Dakota Wizards almost almost all the losers -- Dakota Wizards now that he's been a great job he's the right man for the job.

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  20. that's right up how cool is it for you. To hear that Javier Lopez the Giants is using your song coast in clean as his warm up ..... restraint did all right let's get it going here because I Lopez loves to hear this song we want you to hear this song. Colston