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11.8: Carmichael Dave with Ron Artest



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Mon, 8 Nov 2010|

Carmichael Dave takes ex-King and current Laker Ron Artest to social court.


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Stuff. Apparently forgot. You've you've got to learn how to pick up your opponent. So. It's. My menus and up until it was only good if Stewart and. Business. They didn't sucks. You have bigger than it sounds slightly slow. -- You know there together several hours ago a lot of times and then I'm I'm in the watch -- on the podium where you think me not that. Not the -- that you don't call you don't write so get into the social work that's Williamson's. Been. And that's -- that he could become a you don't Betancourt before those who have who have reversed -- and it's script and let that. Happen. I wrote about in Atlanta -- opened up a cup. Yes I remember overseas where I want when we're talking about helps us Q what was -- an NBA championship -- argue about. I -- remember -- -- -- last year during the playoffs. And it was the most somber you have workers who were so focused and you you win the -- Game. Do you have for ten minutes is so well this for a good cause -- explain a little bit about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk that troubles talking is that you can. That's around them that still went to about Simpson's case confidence and when you. Okay it's going at it Rex you've -- for -- that's what triumph when it's when it's it's -- teams it teaches. Kids in my. -- right right -- children. United Nations or -- -- and yeah I was -- So it right it's also. When people don't realize too good solid you do charities you know you've been putting you. Lot of people don't know this particular important people didn't put kids -- school us for a while now. Toppled about didn't level off. Yeah. -- knowing. Has dimensions -- -- and his health risks and it just changed pumpkins kids from. I was pretty consistently -- this. It's been so McCain's actions. Knows -- is. Or not when did you careers start one right now it's added I didn't know that I wasn't aware of that. Yes the story -- -- these are going to be a boxer and has done well we're at a product that's our opponents. First Boston which now when you memories do you have -- together a whole process away and you have crazy thought of golf. Knew you would be plugging and -- by the way to the championship changes perceptions a little bit -- to a horse sane in the public utility so. -- -- -- -- Not -- us in the -- didn't you didn't talk to Zach. And yeah they're. Children's songs and. Yeah. Well armament there's Georgetown -- live music you sent me copies semi cup -- tennesseans. -- before camp yes that was enough basic track news that was amazing prep where you. I mean you you're on the new NBA game I believe that tracks you get anything else morality -- -- these obstacles in his decision. I'll. Changed its way to do it. She's still groups and he's. Yeah it is but I mean that's our champions. Of that come together you you wrote people up people don't know this but didn't do you -- that -- about a year before you guys want to a champion. Yeah we'll. Yeah. -- and. Right here that it you know and yes and I just play golf -- is that there's an action. Yes that -- Is that -- is that if you find that he's trying to play with the Lakers. They're a little more protective of time. The accident. -- it was my in laws. -- them mentally it's been that would have yeah. So he's just hit so it's going home oh yeah we. I heard I heard you sold your house and -- and company do what do I'm not going to -- who -- -- take -- court it's not.

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