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12.31: The Weekend Riff, New Year's Edition



  1. Dorell Wright2:07
  2. David Lee0:56, 2:03
  3. Monta Ellis0:01
  4. Reggie Williams2:26
  5. Wesley Matthews1:30, 1:42
  6. Big Three2:27
  7. Rudy Fernandez1:45
  8. Blazers1:32, 1:41, 1:49
  9. Warriors0:10, 0:26, 1:51
Sun, 26 Dec 2010|

Warriors 109, Blazers 102


Machine Generated Transcript

Monta Ellis shows he is one tough act to follow that he'd get some help tonight. Well he's about life and he's really special player right now for the Warriors Stephan curry came back didn't shoot the ball well but. But delivered it at least tonight hi this is a rematch of a game played just a week ago Saturday night in Portland Monty had a chance to win it with me. Buzzer beater jumper but it did not happen so Portland takes a one point win and that's. Warriors and I given much away but they were -- were on the holidays period before the game. On the days that one half a mile and thanks for everything Merry Christmas. All right first quarter staff -- looking like he's coming back with a badges and that his stroke looked good matchup. That was about. His only time it appeared he really struggled -- was two for fourteen from the field tonight but. -- that was made wasn't bad staff second -- later months they would just killed a given -- David Lee in mind today. With the finish line and good thing that hit the back court wasn't in tandem. Much is able to carry him on their back a great bucket there. In his -- it was just huge in the second quarter. -- and can with this huge Duncan or when a guy can fly around with this guy does how do you stop well I -- look good. The best finish is the best. I -- we've done is -- Bryant. Rides games and the total package when he gets around the rim their very few players who could. That is like about it 44 points in the first. Half for Monta Wesley Matthews with a big dunk at the Blazers were up one at half second half on the runs Jeff curry. Finishing strong with his final points of the night he finished with four on two for fifteen shooting out here come the Blazers later second half Wesley Matthews with -- reverse. Lay up. And then Rudy Fernandez drains the three quarter part of a 123 trail Blazers run there -- up to. And the Warriors respond that here's Monta did David -- he needed to help. What Monty show -- you can deliver the ball a little bit there and end. And for players who as much as you know his assist numbers aren't bad either David Lee chipped it in which when he -- -- the fourth quarter and it was game time Dorell Wright. Are you kidding me this one was from Alameda game tied at 97 and after a timeout right with a steal. Coming on strong finishes with the slam delivery and just like he did to the kids before the game. Met that were looking and a player who really knows how to play big games and occasionally. More from the supporting cast as Reggie Williams -- the Big Three pointer part of an eleven nothing Warriors run it then it. Golden State seals the deal it's Monta who else could -- steal in the bucket as the Warriors want to win it 1091.

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