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Tue, 12 Mar 2013|

Mark Jackson talked about the combination of poor shooting and defensive effort that led to the Warriors' blowout win.


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I don't know how many how many teams you know. And history. Have nights like that it takes a combination of great defense and also at times that I office or what you can take all the credit. It's combination we played good defense and teams and make shots. But it ended today I think it's close of who we truly off and it's. Agree way to stop the bleeding. We're trying to keep up your game much better. But we made it click. Well. We excuse. We defended. We rebounded we rebounded the basketball team that hurt us in New York. Tyson Chandler dominated the paint. We kept a body on him. And then we we rebounded across the board and I thought we were very unselfish with the basketball. And we played our brand of basketball -- ended today what I tell my team is. That's who we -- we're well aware of it. -- continue to build on. I served well. They use to us when I go anyway so. I read the notes and a listened to the statements and all that. Albeit. You know great players -- long -- -- gonna get their shots. Especially when you're setting screens. He's a guy that you know specially appointed on as a ball in his hands so he's pushing the ball in transition. -- get looks. Saying we're Carmelo Anthony's going to shots and JR Smith is going to shots are guys that. You know our scorers they don't get it looks he's got to play good defense but. You talk about what adjustment they make out the week have to step out of big night and ago. Not much you can do you know got a heck of a basketball player and a tough matchup for anybody. It. It. Again great defense individually and collectively. We don't want allow you know him to take over the basketball game. So we gave him different looks try to minimize his touches. And then got help early and often. He's a heck of a basketball player and again you can play that same defense and he can he can get forty we've seen. But I'm very proud of my guys when they competed and paid attention to detail. But the -- an outstanding job he's been outstanding defender. You know pretty much all year for us. It's time -- defense the best from a guy. He steps up to the challenge. And I thought he was locked in from the opening jump. -- -- -- He's already after this place. Yes the reason wise because it puts so much time. You come the day after the draft he spent all some along paying attention -- schemes in. And then getting quizzed on what mistakes you made the night before all. There's no accident you all stumbled -- to be an above average. In those guys have been very very good for us all you all. And there's no other team in the league with three rookies in their rotation having the success we've had and it's a credit to their professionalism. And how hard they work. One of the greens here I don't know things don't -- guys. Well I would say three guys come to mind Rudy Gay. Kevin Durant and Carmelo. Clay is a very good defender and at the end of the day it doesn't matter who we put on those guys. They can light you up. And is you know at the end of the -- what clay does he competes. And his round. Ability did a very good job. Against Josh Smith and two very good job against Carmelo Anthony. Enjoy is good also has help behind you. So give credit. To his individual defense and the guys behind. I really didn't see it and that's not. Not a guy that would tell you I'd consider us sort tell you like it is but I did not see. So I cannot comment on work. He or when you're there. My mom will text me as a way to get him back cut cut. Only -- So that was the first text. You know obviously a lot of people in New York but at the end of the day. It it is it's not about that to me. You know more important to me I got -- a team that. Of incredible guys. That and go into a tough stretch and we needed to find a way to stop the bleeding. And that's exactly what they did so -- care -- who's on the other side I'm thrilled to death. That I we've found a way to. To win a game and that is when it but win it without brand of basketball. Oh yes. Oh yes she's up you know she's probably watching the game again right now and I'm not joking news. That's who she is and that's who she's been. Will she stay out. Well. People don't know my mom is -- -- and she would be proud that I told you guys that she's in the New York City basketball hall of fame. Yes one and set shot and all Marie Jackson is and then. Because of our team was dominant so she knows when we are getting it done defensively. And when we are not she knows what I'm a good coach and when I need to be corrected -- that.

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  20. ten starts this season. The Diamondbacks counter with Doug Davis. 377. ERA. In Seattle do you Gonzales gets the call Rudy Gay videos for his fourth four on the year he's been up and down and injuries. Start in his only appearance against it