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6.23: Samuel Dalembert Press Conference

Thu, 28 Mar 2013|

As an NBA veteran, former Sixer Samuel Dalembert is still discovering himself. With Jim Boylan and the Bucks, he believes he now has.

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  1. 1.24: SAC/POR postgame -- Samuel Dalembert

    Dalembert on his defensive effort on LaMarcus Aldridge in the Kings' road win over the Trail Blazers.

  2. 11.1: TOR/SAC Postgame -- Samuel Dalembert

    You'll Dalembert is gonna come over you're driven out it's good to finally have ..... like in the bottom of the yeah I think the standard of those guys Samuel Dalembert . They're a big game tonight for the Sacramento looking. You

  3. 6.17: SportsNet Central Reports the Kings have traded for Samuel Dalembert

    Phillies sending forward on this socio. Dennis Spencer to the Sixers center. And defense of blocking machine Samuel Dalembert Dalembert asked traded. Billy after comfort of the season don't matter fifties he says the deal is a win win. He

  4. 1.13: SAC/HOU -- game highlights

    working now when he's he's 42. Quarter paid as Samuel Dalembert thrown down the jam. Sack up three wanted to play ..... up two at the bright. Third quarter tied at 52. Dalembert with the board. Might as well go ahead and give the

  1. day ever in your career was over at city feel with the Mets you wanna go. If you readjust that. Well by the time it was. Dalembert now you know things I'd say you Yankee Stadium you know I broke. Our here I used to read and write well. Right you before

  2. and has helped him over there and needs from peca. Sometimes you excited when he makes him great boy in we discuss Sloan Dalembert a play but he's doing a great job there. Speaking of defense can you talk about the double play were lost her thoughts

  3. NBA Notes: Dalembert agrees to join Mavs


    Thu, 18 Jul 2013

    Former Sixer Sam Dalembert has agreed to join the Dallas Mavericks, his fifth team in the last five years.

  4. Ex-Sixer Dalembert finding niche with Boylan, Bucks


    Thu, 28 Mar 2013

    As an NBA veteran, former Sixer Samuel Dalembert is still discovering himself. With Jim Boylan and the Bucks, he believes he now has.

  5. Warriors can't finish against Bucks


    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    put a lot of energy that That's where you Kenny at eighteen and 101 point lead at that path go to the second half Samuel Dalembert . Windy the down. Bucs win their first lead since do nothing in the first Mike Dunleavy. From Mondale layup and

  6. know it's one of the main reasons we're situation we're in the irreplaceable. As you have good players and you know Dalembert scores progressively get out so that's what's reasons trip you know. Yeah coming into passing the ball down field that

  7. fourteen points fourteen rebounds minutes later Don that soon and to local area knocks down the At the break long distance Dalembert would no problem at all the second half action now. start off on fire Dillon looked old but not stay out of the way part

  8. 1.13: SAC/HOU postgame -- Keith Smart


    Fri, 13 Jan 2012

    and and play against his former team has always every guy that plays when they wield his former team and he did a good job Dalembert to. And mark. In the that was equivalent to what that did you do with some of the things to you don't think he's been

  9. gave serving do you use up their fight and he wouldn't have to do that they'll take games left in. Very impressive Sam Dalembert for coming out and play that kind of thing. Yeah. yeah. Well I thought our defense it was it was that we are forcing some

  10. 3.23: SAC/MIL -- game highlights


    Thu, 24 Mar 2011

    Jason Thompson and Thompson does it throw it down in the teens could go back up by Atlanta moments later. It's Samuel Dalembert nice pass to Marcus Thornton sort of finished with 27 McCain's pick up their whole week. They're night road win

  11. far is hard work. You know how tough it is difficult it is to battle dial lol. And to deal but can help all the defenseman Dalembert and even battle the pucks out yourself and in skated out of trouble. You're our defensive zone that have got all that that

  12. 2.23: SAC/ORL -- game highlights


    Thu, 24 Feb 2011

    Howard 41 points seventeen boards when things down by two points and Luther Head we've asked them. Dalembert for the slam tied at 96 minute Dalembert . It's the way had to go he had nine points in the last six minutes things come back. And 111105

  13. put into. Kidd Jermaine Taylor Taylor led the team was in the third quarter compared Nelson had scored to. 3117. Later Dalembert . If the layup to go he had nine points in the last six minutes for the kings' comeback to win 111 to one up but. On Thursday

  14. figure that we could do that. Thought we got great. Really from everybody that played off the defensively especially from Sam Dalembert Luther Head and we've made big shots and got big stops and overcame all over turnovers so it was soon. The great effort

  15. couldn't make shots and Carl Landry in Donte Greene really. Gave us a big lift off the bench in the second half and Sam Dalembert was able stay in the game and avoid fouls and it's just. It was something that. We needed we needed the worst way we

  16. Lutheran error two. We thought he gave us our best chance to guard Jason Terry. And he attribute a lot of as well. And Dalembert . Came in shooting. This is one of those nights the Bulls Gordon form and he didn't do a great job at both ends of the

  17. 2.1: BOS/SAC -- Game highlights


    Wed, 2 Feb 2011

    NBA Eastern Conference leader box then he went 73 over the kings that our title reached at the Samuel Dalembert for the dog. Not pulled Sacramento within five cancer the second quarter on twelve huge Latin food jet green that's how you

  18. 1.28: SAC/LAL -- Game Highlights


    Sat, 29 Jan 2011

    keep him. Next of DeMarcus a team high 27. For cousins teens read in the fourth and final glory Maybelline passes Samuel Dalembert . But I bullets and fourteen of the Lakers watched this oh. The Kobe has admitted that with authority more veterans

  19. Mean it's gonna help me become better because of this came from at present. We can this thing about the players Samuel Dalembert tonight where he come up with the Dolphins. I don't know where they're from Kobe. And you you had a couple were

  20. back into the game real quickly. Because everybody just the defensive effort altered throughout the game in particular Sam Dalembert . Well it was a combination of Jason Thompson had a actually most of the game in the Samuel had him. And and makes them