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1.25: Morning Minute -- Spurs roll, Kings win in Rip City

Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

Sixers coach Brett Brown remembers Allen Iverson as a small but tough-to-stop player, back when Brown was an assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs.

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  1. 1.24: SAS/GSW postgame -- Dorell Wright

    Wright on the difficulty of facing Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs .

  2. Ratto previews Spurs series: 'The Warriors are an odd team to play'

    this team when they take on the San Antonio Spurs team definitely better than the ..... s gonna matter to them. But the Spurs have the all the muscle memory the ..... it is Monday at 630 it is against Spurs who swept the first round series

  3. Do the Spurs have the Warriors figured out?

    Duncan Y Leonard this is the first time the Spurs have looked like the Spurs in this series. And when you get them here ..... they were take on the Nuggets but now on the San Antonio Spurs is there a problem with their lack of playoff

  4. Spurs have no answer for Warriors sharp-shooting

    Jackson's number one goal. In in this series also this is a team that is feeling very confident right now the San Antonio Spurs are headed to the Bay Area and they've actually struggled on the road lately. In the post season they have lost

  1. Brett Brown on Allen Iverson: 'He amazes me'


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Sixers coach Brett Brown remembers Allen Iverson as a small but tough-to-stop player, back when Brown was an assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs .

  2. For second on their list to win the NBA. A regular season win total this year and got Bulls with Derrick Rose back in the Spurs . The Rockets the Pacers the Warriors down there except you wanted to have our first question voiced all. I'm here I'm

  3. wrong standing nearly 64. And over 215 pounds. There's no way you can miss this five star recruit. Big east intimidating as Spurs . Just coming for us is vigilant. What makes him competitive. Love to compete. He's worked this game loved the game so

  4. Shark Byte: 1-on-1 with Tomas Hertl


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    fourth goal. But as you told me after the game you practice this all the time right. I'm very proud defense. And try and Spurs . He's so I he cared. And I every crappy thing goes deeper and did you think it was gonna work here though dad you know it

  5. Scott Reiss and Erin Coscarelli discuss Chiefs LB Tamba Hali's monumental tip, and the Spurs' camoflauge uniforms.

  6. what is so. The good teams are great teams two teams. You know a planned for June. You know you gotta come off the court Spurs also championship because of their inability to get a rebound. When it And we bring this full circle back to the Sharks who

  7. stop come up what is so. Good teams great teams two teams that you know a planned for June. You gotta come out that you know Spurs lost a championship because of their inability to get a rebound. When it mattered. Rethinking and Dave Reid took us out there

  8. regular season viewed the same way I think new bailout so pre season. He started out really slow. And then really put their Spurs . Played together we're out on the resident as of kind of joke than. Found a rhythm so hopefully those next two games we

  9. in infield to promote children's play sixty minutes of sport today. The 49ers try to British version of football. And the Spurs tried there and and American football. And no one's got to cover him one bit better than we did Madden admitted that over

  10. me. Losers to convert. The ones up to. He. American. We winners all Americans. Presumably because I'm playing great Spurs last week's treatment while we're good enough offense the ball in good field position it's. Hope to continue to play

  11. Well after last season so they did last season with going to the second round of the playoffs. Playing the Spurs and making giving the Spurs all they can handle so good about this team now you think it should be better they're young. They're

  12. and drive. I'd you. This is the right. That's really really you know so. I just we got to try to ignore pain that the Spurs . Trying to get a feel for. That we either want me do. So you know like something's you know I got to prove financing facility

  13. Unlike past, Brown lacks shooters with Sixers


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    The Sixers lack three-point shooters, an aspect Brett Brown always seemed to have when coaching with the San Antonio Spurs .

  14. State Warriors shocked the vast majority of the basketball world by reaching the second round of the playoffs and giving the Spurs . Everything they could handle you know these things now we now expect the Warriors to improve on that. With the phrase NBA

  15. good situations on third down. They converted third and I can say and also contain and so that puts you in the battle when the Spurs sure you know that's what Dolphins won't. Bogey when the body prepare well for us with the defense. A situation where

  16. that. It's it's a long season I think if you look at the teams that. The teams that compete for the championship this Spurs and both. My opinion had some very very good players match but maybe for us but America that you know we coming that starters

  17. NBA Predictions: Western Conference


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    With the NBA season just around the corner, CSN's Aggrey Sam breaks down the Western Conference and how the playoff race may shake out with the Spurs , Thunder and Clippers among the frontrunners.

  18. know it's it's not you know he's come in here you go to work you when you play the game so I over read. It definitely Spurs in any concern that it's we currently. Now he's he's got his head Austria I think you know sometimes stuff just happens

  19. the same thing he gets No issue we got some was so deep. You can really play artists and get a little. What's game one vs Spurs and all this summer youth. I think I was fine in that time actually in. Game one at the plate or right. Now they had at half

  20. easy number I don't know that story but. It is on the a little magical there were going to dismantle this you know with the Spurs with them and Projects doing is he's a very good effort for so it'll be fun to it's not ideal course 52 months at a position