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Jackson calls Bogut 'polished, great guy'



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Fri, 16 Mar 2012|

Mark Jackson speaks at the press conference introducing Andrew Bogut as a Warrior.


Machine Generated Transcript

Talked to him briefly. The night he was on the plane traveling. And then. Met him when he came in. Very polished. Great. Since humor in. I think he he he certainly fits what we're trying to do here. You have heard about this team and you need for the first time as a big what you wanna pick up from him. He's a people guy flaws he felt very comfortable around the guys. Sometimes you you find a guy that struggles of you know hold a conversation. Or. But he was he's very polished I mean I even -- -- golf -- watch this press conference and and I was very impressed -- mean. He loves a new basketball. But very polished and and and obviously we we we knew what type skill skill level here. Do you. -- is a legitimate big men. What great hole skills. A presence on the defense and then. Big time rebounder. And we can play through and he's he's a nickel pass it too so he. Especially on the in the Western Conference you you've got to have. Some skilled big guys. And when he gets back when you pair him with what David -- before opposition. That's awfully good. You leave those -- passing skills. It is going to be a high low situation and I mean did -- -- that does that that could have -- -- -- doesn't have to be the reason wise because. David is so good. You know he's editor and probably be a problem if it was to David in his early years where he wasn't a great jump shoot. Carries a -- can knock down the jumper. Even Bogut the way they used them at times in Milwaukee put them -- -- foul line extended an isolation situations both guys can pass. Old guys you know decent midrange shooters. We will trust him to make plays out of the polls. How to pick and rolls and they're gonna do a good job complementing each other and making plays for all the other guys on the floor. Depending on -- it. Heck of a challenge. I watched it. So many nights how other teams tried to make adjustments on how to defend them. And I watched him respond. To make plays and make life tough for the opposition. It's going to be a heck of a challenge it'll be a great night but one that we look forward to. And we don't want to get caught up in defend in my tails because they have another guy alongside of Ole miss more than capable. -- and options. So we wanna play great defense against Milwaukee Bucks. You play against a guy who was your guy. Took a couple of days ago is it just business sewers there emotional component. No it's an emotional component no question I mean I'm not gonna sit up interview. You know Taylor made Lions. Have and it's something invested. In Monta Ellis something invested in their payroll well. Kwame Brown what those two guys as planned so it is going to be an emotional home. -- -- I'm going to be. Clapping for them. Acknowledging them appreciating them and just like as a player when I was traded when the ball goes up in the air it's all. And it's time to win. And tried to. Take advantage of you on both sides of basketball and then afterwards. It's not about posts and love. If you don't play for a while but how much of what you've been doing. Before. You got him now is just. Out the window when you get here because you -- so much on on this guy that -- -- is pretty much the same thing the reason why is because. Hill stuff that we run from David. Well on the block. Can pick and roll situations. The same exact type of stuff can be ran out the five position. But now. There will rip up price to pay when opposing teams. Down. Tried took over how well we got -- Two guys the four or five that can finish and make plays. Which makes everybody else so much about. But it didn't wait -- David Lee gets the center to playing Madrid you've been of the opinion that you know it's either real David -- -- -- plays with a real bug. No because I think the guys had a great season. And I think he's had a very good start to his career. Home so we've seen David -- you know he's a double double guy. Who who is an elite you know Powell -- can match up against the best in the game. -- but I think. Did it makes life easier for him. Now when there's not a five sitting call. To help. Playing so he's going against one and a half guy -- -- guys every single night. Andrew Bogut would give him that airspace that it needs. I. Access for my stay in Milwaukee to a bowl will what does he have to do interviews today but made my stay positive and very down there. That's not my place that Scott Skiles says is very. -- be -- fan I'm rooting for -- every other night then the nights he plays against us. But it doesn't matter how hard to find it because Scott Skiles is coach and my definition of success. All great player maybe totally different than Scott Skiles.

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