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Sutter doesn't care about Kings' Game 7 history



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Mon, 27 May 2013|

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Yeah. Richards was a penalty. Hope this was a penalty slept pretty good when you're number. Persons. Two senators sit in order to those -- -- or their looking that. -- the team hasn't franchise hasn't played it -- 72002. Florida. The franchise hasn't played against him here doesn't it appears that so true. Major announcement tomorrow the room playing games of the game seven. Just wondering if there was anything I don't know say. -- -- -- What's making -- Quote I'm sure -- is put against us we -- scorer Wendell. In the three games. You guys that is playing really good children Shannon Brown -- Ruslan. The Sharks game plan tonight was to play faster and more elusive did you feel that coming from them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's the key -- game -- catch part of what's the key to game seven. Think probably. For us would be -- -- with most closer of the not a vote -- him through all of there. Do you. Most since bitch and it -- journalist threw him. Good just period and friend. -- awesome. We have put it that Faldo didn't press conference that we have -- the game seven since 2002. -- an -- Cuba. -- for me. That's fine line and we've scored. Followed through eagle. Soon. And -- For actually. Horton. Hope issues of themselves and using good sense -- their part putting scored cause -- purpose really good. -- But it it's it's an over the useless use of that. But it's it's a -- children's really. -- really. Not a good. Know those period trojans created a record really eagles' -- clock we didn't own a plane leaves fifteen minutes thing. You're going to -- play against them. Coach back here in the in the corner geared to -- seems like the last two games. I don't want him one bit too but -- teens picked up. You're playing. Sport is what is the difference last couple games for years. 63. In the lone goal -- it really low too. And missiles grocers -- eleven and twelve. Twelve. Now know 129. Scores -- after six years.

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