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2.3: GSW/DAL Postgame- Shawn Marion



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Sat, 9 Feb 2013|

Golden State couldn't find a way to win on a road trip for the first time this year.


Machine Generated Transcript

Go out to the lone star state Warriors without Jarrett Jack for the third straight game or Andrew Bogut as he continues that. Second game of Baghdad -- game as far as corporate day -- Little League. -- draw on the show and Alan Shawn Marion leave -- recalls what we don't know if they don't want to look at the clock it's 605 left in the first and after. Those free throws mavs went on fourteen -- home -- OJ hey. Block the ball how about ten -- more. About it as Mayo goes all the way to the movie later Shawn Marion. Washburn Darren Collison had just finish it off Darren Collison. Afflalo mavs up when he believes in Dallas outscored us seventeen to a fast break points -- birthday. After the first quarter. Prayer Warriors highlight Richard Jefferson what another turn back the clock moment. Warriors down 122 quarter now Warriors offense continue to stagnate in the second count the pass this. Stephan curry mess of the long to. Later in the quarter are you tell me how about just one pass Harrison -- is the jump shot Warriors shoot 30% in the first half. Collect -- -- -- to -- this season. Then in the second guess the Ramos shot about my Biedrins. It's a bit Jay left that a lot. You don't have shot maybe. Warriors were up by one and they were outscored by 27. Over the final. Corner now. All of us not a kid's dream. For the flush -- looking good these sporting number 23. Then from the outside stuff curry yeah. He was sharp at that point his team was really struggling down 10. -- throws it all. It's no problem for him for the final six minutes it's mop up time out there. Averaged just continued to roll Marion. And the guys nothing you can do anything about it they win big. 116. Tonight game one don't lawyers are winless on this four game road trip. They have one more game before the all star break the double get a rematch with the Rockets. Tuesday -- or golf.

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  1. what do you think what the difference maker for you guys he's not offensively at times he. Get it done this a matter of whether you'll stop that. All right Shaq came up do you think Marion there are positive things to You get a base.

  2. trouble earlier this year. And you know just been been there mentally strong as say and I stood up behind me in the review Marion and just to go back to work. Now are we hear the routine now. Partners I mean wins are always did you know losses no no one

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  8. fourth and element Daddy Yankee make this opportunity quite the matchup in the first half. Cal would start driving and Allen Marion grabbed the interception to Ellis couldn't do anything with that for the Grizzlies got the ball back in the Spartan defense

  9. career. The one of the key stops along the way it was right here in the Bay Area. As a member of the Stanford track and field team unless it's. So much. Okay. In general but yeah Marion so its chances of being. Then you know 56 years.

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  13. You guys at eight days off but didn't look like it's a office does the game today. You know. Marion not that today cannot write like that again I did a great job getting bonds side I have Donnie Murphy had a great game. Got better

  14. I'm Matt Mayo tells us on CS and Marion dot Madison have you read this and their and I I expect competition reported that starting quarterback job here. And whether Alex

  15. back and hoped or. That. It was rewarding to see them. Work as hard as they did it again blocked four shots and what to do. Marion and the symbolism does play against in tonight. For shift I think it was the first shift of the game. Second and they engaged

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  19. yeah reading I notice there etc. that's you gotta love it. Blank your shirt with with Curtis is pants that that would be a winning combination right there folks that The barbecue on the website on that website Macias and Marion County.

  20. guys are ranked seventh against the best season ago housing and help you guys with a new spirited pass rush Richard back and to Marion and on pass I mean our linebackers are being you know in so there's so many so many guys that person passes from anywhere