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Sharks head south for first battle with Kings

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

The Sharks led 3-2 midway through the third period, but the Kings tied it and netted the game winner in overtime for a 4-3 victory.

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    dot com yeah. Hello there I'm monitoring this is your morning minute Sharks and kings game five tonight from the Staples Center but first get caught up what you may have missed from Wednesday horrible news out of Santa Clara 49ers leading receiver

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    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    The Sharks led 3-2 midway through the third period, but the Kings tied it and netted the game winner in overtime for a 4-3 victory.

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  3. and Jonathan Quick is impenetrable at home I mean we're talking about a over a dozen games in a row they won at Staples Center . So I feel like they're gonna even the series come back to Chicago and the bing bang boom all the way to game seven

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  5. game two where they had a meter or two away from winning a game on the road. Jules thorn talks about going into LA Staples Center and steal one and and obviously don't get the running game to you have to wait for game seven you force that. That

  6. Indication this steady out of let's go back injury went down. At Staples Center in Los Angeles again the home team that won the first six games of this series. And it's on games with the heat on anti Niemi

  7. tremendous match up of course. The edge you late from the standpoint of being on home ice that comfort level but being at Staples Center where they haven't lost in the playoffs yet this year but for Jonathan Quick we saw him get misconduct after the

  8. before you move on to game seven already but what is already in your mind preparation and things to think about for staples center on Tuesday night just a good start. Both teams are facing the same type of pressure same situation. this is this

  9. long year to see him. With that ticks down on us pretty encouraging. Touch to the supportive after game two at the Staples Center and one of the things he repeated that night was that you you group would rebound after what happened that night

  10. Iraqi Torres came to Staples Center here this morning and after a lengthy phone conversation heat. And Sharks general manager Doug Wilson headed to the airport

  11. do highlights of game one between the Sharks and kings it is an all California. Western Conference semifinal. The Staples Center . Went through the first period the Sharks with a lot of pressure throws on that she Jake Kelly with a glorious chance

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  14. including the Raiders are probably not calling Los Angeles homes and AEG's plan to build a new stadium across from the Staples Center appears to be dead in the water. This just six months after the LA City Council voted unanimously. To support the

  15. And it didn't go so well for the Staples Center with a clip shows won eleven in a role first quarter of Warriors can't grab the great passing from LA's the Andre Jordan

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    The Warriors are holding the Lakers to just 36 percent shooting after a quarter of play at Staples Center . Watch on CSN Bay Area and follow along with In-Game Live.

  17. chance but the ball drives by and jobs. That have decision. drop ours. Has ever in this world is the winner of the Staples Center that went. Court seemed to want to and the Hornets win despite being short and and despite the Clippers getting 85239

  18. that I've been in. And more recently in Los Angeles they had six games within like forty hours in Los angeles' Staples Center . for basketball games to watch games at a baseball game going on nearby as miserably. And the finish of the tour

  19. excitement for the players. And for the fans all all of a sudden in a setting is beautiful new arena. That's all the Staples Center all the first double the first power laden could and ground out there with Omar got this is gonna really really exciting

  20. everything's college basketball on sports that's. Dealing NBA I do Warriors Clippers Lakers game. Ended three in Staples Center and the crew had to change that with the took an hour and a half for them to do this as a base I've watched that