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11.11: Marc Spears on Stephen Jackson



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Sat, 18 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome in chronicle live everybody I am Jim -- -- the aforementioned money pool. By my side in that was a heck of a run I know the Warriors are out four games to two to the San Antonio Spurs the money we looked back at. Did the Spurs really knocked the Warriors daughter was that the the Warriors. Lack of luck in that they had so many injuries it almost seemed like by attrition they just kept fall apart and fall apart that you really lose they fell apart. There was some of them but also the Spurs our team and execute -- to death and that's what they've done for years that's been good against the Warriors. What you had was you've had a Warriors seem though that for the first time was in the post season where. This thing goes off for two whole months if you extend about they've ever been this far so prevent it became a grind. And their bodies were down they -- he came in -- was limping. You have to you tweaked his ankle in the playoffs Bogut was hurting. And Harrison Barnes last night so there's always on the go about physical with this team when you look at what they give away those twelve games in the post season. Pretty remarkable and and so to go out the way they did. I think game six was semi predictable. Because the Spurs. Kind of figured out some things and he is warm down they give me this because there's that saying that some teams are so young they're too dumb to know they're supposed to lose games or. This team actually grow and learn that they could compete the Warriors at with a higher level slowly but there have been around a lot bill and hole I don't think from the Denver series there was a series they won. Fair and square they played better but when you played San Antonio. Is like the blueprint of an NBA. Contender is rolling out right before your eyes how they do things they moved the ball Nixon Q they play Smart they do all the things that champions do. And for young to look the Warriors that are in that position where they're trying to figure out the next step I know what to do take the next step. This was a great tutorial for them they learned a lot that you have learned a lot and some young team player gets a veteran team the worst when it was opening. Spurs when that was coming to a sick. Six -- -- -- money yet we sat back and we saw the exact same thing happened off fun exciting Warriors team that swept the NBA world they get into the second run and lose. That's the last we heard why is this any different than we believe. That team with a makeshift team built for the short run. The Baron Davis was the center sort of peace and he was a guy who had maybe one or two years left Stephen Jackson argued that it took a bad about a team that was mostly. The key guys in the team were veterans. This team. -- -- twenty years old. -- -- -- -- -- Curry's 45. -- your core right there Bogut 28 I think so they believe 28. -- Marty science major contracts -- democratic or four more years so it's much different in that regard that you have a younger team. Younger coach. I mean Nelson you never knew what he was gonna do is unpredictable. Some though it's a little bit it's a lot different actually because this team. Is built to last four over a period of years let's talk about the youth than Klay Thompson Harrison Barnes they both were very good -- -- at times drew the spotlight. Which the bigger break out though which. Which -- in the NBA world they're gonna say -- -- Klay Thompson he had that big break up what was that Harrison Barnes. Who really stole the spotlight barks at Barnes yeah I mean clay you have -- were not there. Frankly I didn't write I think they both with the way you kind of know what you're gonna get a little bit he's got to make some shots and some nights he's not going to be there for. But Barnes stepped up big and if you're Warriors fan that's got excited you become over the course of this season. He did some things that were spectacular. And then he would disappear. In these post in this post season when David Lee went down I think he took it upon himself. To supply a level of offense that the words would need would would would they put out so are you -- I can do some things. He was -- -- had -- probably the most poised player he played Smart he played well he was productive. He played well beyond his twenty years I mean and so that's what got your what is Randy going okay we got submit because he can play three positions and maybe before. You mentioned Mark Jackson. There's a guy still relatively young as an NBA head coach Sherri played a bunch years be a lot of guys played a bunch years. He's now ahead coach and gets -- gets his team to the second round what did he prove about his coaching abilities in his very young NBA coaching life. That for first of all that Jolie couldn't make a mistake by hiring him because. Well limiting -- Aurilia when he came in about that why you heard this guy he never coached before yet he played a little bit but he's never coached -- any level before. Well. There are some coaches better -- if we call it from his school teachers. Mark Jackson the preacher. A different steps over Sunday. The ultimate difference in slope let the sip from the beginning he wanted to hire someone who you felt the strong leader. And he tackles got that locker room and they all buy in the Mark Jackson we all believe he is the reason why they got where they as far as they did. To a man so he clearly is their leader and they recognize that.

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  20. I found it here at the Warriors insider Monty pool and the lawyers are set to tip off in about eight days today coach Jackson said his team is ready for the regular season do you feel this team is ready.