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12.5: SAC/PHO Postgame- Steve Nash

Fri, 26 Jul 2013|

We look at some news and notes from around MLB, including Steve Nash getting a soccer tryout with Inter Milan.

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  1. 2.8: Morning Minute -- Hot Suns oust W's; Jazz hold off Kings

    I'm horrible Monday night visiting the Warriors on Steve Nash is 37 birthday and besides I had enough hot from beyond ..... Warriors would be. With 85 but and decided. Jesse a lot Steve Nash with the dagger you guessed it three the that you want

  2. 2.6: Warriors practice -- Keith Smart

    Smart on preparing to host the Suns' offense led by Steve Nash .

  3. Chronicle Conversation: 1-on-1 with Hall of Famer Don Nelson

    think you feel if he could be another Steve Nash and he's had some setbacks was ..... thought that he would be. mentioned Steve Nash is strange to see him in purple and ..... collection of talent and I got your guys Steve Nash and they've got Colby and they

  4. HIGHLIGHTS: Lakers 118, Warriors 115

    cleanup and miss here and get it to go. Colby unstoppable in this one later fastest is the only. They'll turn it over Steve Nash and capitalize. From guess where behind the strike ten turnovers for the Warriors in the first quarter. Lakers fifteen

  1. NBA Notes: Lakers' Nash to have soccer tryout


    Fri, 26 Jul 2013

    We look at some news and notes from around MLB, including Steve Nash getting a soccer tryout with Inter Milan.

  2. Joakim Noah's awesome celebration at charity soccer game


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    Joakim Noah's intensity is unparalleled and the Bulls center showed off his passion during Steve Nash 's charity soccer game. Check out video of Noah's game-winning goal and subsequent celebration.

  3. LIVE: Lakers vs. Kings


    Sat, 30 Mar 2013

    Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are playing, and the Kings and Lakers are under way in Sacramento! Follow the NBA action with In-Game Live!

  4. the break Lakers the largest halftime deficit of the year third quarter did they keep it going curry. Being guarded by Steve Nash all. That it. 25 points ten assists seven boards Warriors a 25 still the third call me right you do. You'd have

  5. what one thing you ought I look at and I told the guys and in an office speak to them and watching. NB ATV and adore Steve Nash he's. Oh what's what do you guys need to do. Serena to play dispirited play with. They're unselfish. They play

  6. Report: Nash returning vs. Warriors


    Sat, 22 Dec 2012

    Steve Nash will reportedly make his return to the Lakers tonight against the Golden State Warriors, his first game since an Oct. 31 leg injury.

  7. Lopez for the dog to get a career high 41 Phoenix. The lead down to just one Phoenix up by four later. In the fourth Steve Nash the three Phoenix of its lead to seven the Suns win 1092100.

  8. Well word doesn't pick and roll situations. And putting Dominic McGuire at the full allows us to switch. On the Steve Nash when he comes off those screens. So we don't have the same breakdowns defensively and forced to make multiple effort

  9. 2.13: PHX/GSW game highlights


    Tue, 14 Feb 2012

    Vinatieri who went up. They started to hope for nine from the field and would heat up a little bit later meanwhile Steve Nash had it going. Right in the pick and roll he's done this quiet time or two Marcy Gordon top nine downs in the first

  10. We did a great job of defending. Thought early on Steve Nash was being Steve Nash and they were giving. It was getting whatever they ..... just to defend them because you got to worry about Steve Nash known as a facilitator but also as the score. But

  11. Suns in 91 son's thirteenth straight win at home over Golden State. The Warriors were their boards game this season. Steve Nash dropped thirteen of 21 points in the fourth quarter loss of the events only ten points playing just 22 minutes you about

  12. 1.2: GSW/PHO -- game highlights


    Tue, 3 Jan 2012

    wise and stuff. later score part of why would put the clubs up for a bit then came the sun life. All the gaggle of Steve Nash says that my daddy by Shannon Brown or Anybody monkey bars for three more. That's make sure Jared Dudley doesn't

  13. it. Roy's a competitive. And you try to take over the game and I thought he made plays. And his defense against Steve Nash gave us a chance to get back into this ball game. I was happy after that I was that it would be great leader. Patty

  14. that is heat would be turned up quite a bit more but we've seen already you know guys like Charles Barkley. Michael Steve Nash to guys said that that they have no problem playing with with a gay teammate as long as that teammate to do one thing

  15. good point guard any real point guard. Is an extension of the coach on the floor there is nobody can tell me. That Steve Nash is not the lead assistant for Phoenix Suns ought to Jason Kidd is not lead assistant photo for for a call with Dallas

  16. All right thanks. Highlights of game two in Vancouver. Steve Nash brother law Knox injured an email poultry in the crowd cheering on the arts of course Todd McLellan. on his trying to get even

  17. 4.15: Chronicle Live -- Larry Riley


    Mon, 18 Apr 2011

    half. So now we don't have to wage he we have a good player we do you have time for him to develop peace in this team Steve Nash . Well Steve kind of just went up year after year after year staff has done a lot more than a lot of point guards do

  18. 3.18: GSW/PHO -- game highlights


    Sat, 19 Mar 2011

    triple Warriors downed Japan he had flute points in the second half but the Suns just too strong down the stretch. It's Steve Nash to Grant Hill open underneath the when it. 10897. And sweet this season series from the Warriors an eleven point loss

  19. guard now and someone who will likely be in the Stockton Steve Nash class. What it's all said and on why do you say that ..... Purely because he's such a great shooter in the mold of Steve Nash . QB get more shots. I think so but you need to get

  20. 2.10: GSW/PHO -- game highlights


    Fri, 11 Feb 2011

    today. opening of the three. And later in the second Steve Nash Jared Dudley. Again green was three for five from beyond ..... fourteen points and handed out. Fifteen says that horrible Steve Nash finished eighteenth and eleven in just 27 minutes Thursday