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4.7: Larry Riley on Don Nelson



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Wed, 7 Apr 2010|

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We bring in general manager Larry Riley. From the Target Center and now Larry. This is a guy that's you know very well Don Nelson really. Put the nail in the coffin on NBA history today what are your thoughts. Well I'm certainly pleased foreign there's no question about that he's been a guy who stood the test of time. I'm sure the game has changed quite a bit since he coached his first game and won his first game -- he's been able to adjust. Throughout the years and continue to put to a good team on the floor he's taken a lot of different teams from where they weren't very good to where they've become good. And I really think his mark in history as one that's certainly well deserved and you know I don't know how long it'll be before challenge but it's wonderful to see a guy like him. Being in a position where he's on top right now. Ours is that's assignments I don't. I'm doing good man how are you I'm good do you think. Think Don Nelson had fun coaching this year and -- do you think he had as much fun pursuing this record. As he showed up. I doubt it. And he always said that their record wasn't all that important to him. I think there were some degree of truth to that but I think give anybody of human nature would like to accomplish something. But I think this year's been a tough here in regards to some of the things that have occurred because of the injuries. I do think however the -- thoroughly enjoyed group -- coaching a group of guys. Basically they're now made a -- And rookies and young people and that kind of thing and I think he has enjoyed. Maybe the latter part of the season much more so than when we were going through all kinds of injuries and it was a tough time. But in all honesty and a very good job. Of coaching this much. Larry how much has said Don talked about summer and and next season. We've had brief conversations in regards to that and then some movement a little bit longer ago we made some comments certainly on. He's discuss with me the possibility of him coaching the team in the summer league actually. And having a little bit more of an impact on what's going on with the summer. And also about being able to get some things accomplished for the next season that that we were both likely happen. And Larry cut down as admitted that -- actually have a lot more fun taken more hands on approach to coaching this team. I would -- set 31 years roaming the sidelines in the NBA can take its toll on anybody. And now -- can really put a perspective on what kind of career that he's had in your in your eyes he's the only coach -- over a thousand -- not in the Hall of Fame does Don Nelson need to. -- especially with this record he does. You know I don't think there's any doubt about it record or not he's deserving of being in the Hall of Fame. And you look at the people would and there are a lot of them. Are really outstanding people I can't think of anybody who's in that is an outstanding in regards to basketball. But Don Nelson deserves to be in there and there's no question about it. Larry thank you so much for the time I go back in the locker room enjoy the win -- Don Nelson and I was close friend of yours and you are certainly do aren't appreciated thank you.