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HIGHLIGHTS: Kings can't hang with Thunder

Tue, 1 Oct 2013|

Generally, the rookies get hazed. But Ben McLemore flipped the script on 10-year veteran Travis Outlaw at Kings Media day this year.

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  1. Smart: 'We'll just keep growing from here'

    Jason. You know what to get in early fouls. In the game in the first quarter and do try to use either James or use Travis Outlaw places Ford and of course Travis. Gives a bit more space war. And a lot of work here is why James down a little bit

  2. Smart: 'Every guy is important to our team'

    situation late. I'm just gonna keep helping our team get better I thought our guys who. Came in the game early Travis Outlaw all a good job decent job on in the in the game. And that's our teammates are stars in and topped. Eight guys for

  3. Thomas, Thornton lead Kings to win over Timberwolves

    building Donte Greene. Blocks. KL OVE. Did ahead Tyler Honeycutt. That worked a one hand Gavin seed this is why do we stayed Sacramento next Blake takes away some point he's still getting ahead. Travis Outlaw . Two hands workings when it.

  4. Cousins' late free throw snaps Kings' losing streak

    Third watered things down to. Or is that sharpshooter he's Smart Travis Outlaw missed shot Donte Greene has definitely they capped the 70 run by the king Gordon Hayward. Let them with a little luck that did

  1. Kings rookie McLemore pranks 10-year vet on Media Day


    Tue, 1 Oct 2013

    Generally, the rookies get hazed. But Ben McLemore flipped the script on 10-year veteran Travis Outlaw at Kings Media day this year.

  2. I just feel more into the game on a brand new. You're right there. since grass. It's faculty got paid attention gets outlaw had Natalie you know once I got adds to the test cars. That's that you can't be behind you cut a fumble Sunday. Not base

  3. think that we put somebody a break it up and to get bigger target is that it hit it obviously I was law was speak about ought to outlaw spent about Pittsburgh how a lot of questions about the wanna be so they're not a lot of got that was they have an opportunity

  4. HIGHLIGHTS -- Blazers 109, Kings 91


    Thu, 27 Dec 2012

    Cousins is suspension is over Murton did not make the trip to. Coach's decision second quarter kings downed tree Travis Outlaw turned over Blazers yeah. Is Meyers Leonard a huge They showed you their twice as and flash of the camera second quarter

  5. Kings stop Blazers' winning streak


    Mon, 24 Dec 2012

    Marcus Thornton led the way with 22 points and Travis Outlaw provided a boost off the bench with 15, as the Kings took care of the Blazers 108-96.

  6. year and well years. Coach I'm not questioning your decision making on the floor I was there a specific reason why Hixon. Outlaw and Green didn't play well Tayshaun Prince was getting up and yet. Well they shows makes them just yesterday he was on the

  7. 3.5: SAC/DEN postgame -- Keith Smart


    Tue, 6 Mar 2012

    game. But you know marks about these guys be rid of guys out to a lot of our guys came in this place their ultimate. Travis Outlaw played with tonight and came in group out so. A lot of positive as possible to it. The American found info early

  8. couple good games and Green can at played well to Q do you foresee those two getting more minutes on the road as politics and and outlaw . That though those are possibilities I mean. GJJ tears are very close to each other in in in their skill set the way they

  9. 12.26: LAL/SAC -- game highlights


    Tue, 27 Dec 2011

    first career NBA but just six points off the bench with a rookie. Kings have sex in the second quarter long pass that Travis Outlaw But it off the ramp off the glass and get it to all third quarter evans' time. entirely crossover. Derek Fisher

  10. them. It this. Year and Hairston or him on the Packers alignment. And yours. Is it just were. I'm captured. You know outlaw cars design this is where it should be. Do you guys do you make a conscious effort to be. In communication with them you even

  11. the game maybe was dictating look it's but even before this is really just like the floodgates over the what happens. Bo outlaw a he's a safari you know our front seven is one of the best in football and you know here's how we're allowed to. To

  12. Beltran down the court deal like that hitting coach we'll continue to do it. You guys of the game budget you're seeing outlaw how that you know we gonna keep doing it in. Looking good we're gonna keep doing that I you know I start the game. I'm

  13. the game where it's low. Incidents that you. We just took a chance and. So obviously you have that kind of got in. His outlaw and you win Pauline had not made it you guys with a got hot later if you guys like Brad about it there is so happy and I figured

  14. been aggressive. You know waited it did their pushing down and stuff like them that the rest to go to. You know everybody man outlaw fourteen I was block and where are. And don't worry about nothing I mean so there's going to be a little more aggressive

  15. carries at running back and that's just not enough but. At the same time. Can't really argue what do we do an offer an outlaw will block it well enough to get ourselves in the rhythm. shall we can do that because to have thrust a doable for a two times

  16. 12.7: Andrew Luck


    Tue, 7 Dec 2010

    all time record at least for 1520 minutes to seat warm. no specific memories and a first. And rumors wondering how Orlando outlaw . That's the one masters. And us. You didn't he didn't mind look at you ever been. Good looking forward you know we

  17. 11.30: Dave Benz video blog


    Mon, 29 Nov 2010

    to back wins in the I don't know about to happen this week to come on the Packers officials. And right thanks for checking in then now look for more lives in the not too distant future outlaw . On Tuesday Perez and Bay Area background.

  18. 11.1. World Champions -- Barry Bonds


    Tue, 2 Nov 2010

    And I mean this their pitching staff is is unbelievable. And I know with a three and Bob gardener currently. I as back up is outlaw I think is oh I'd bid cities. After the greatest these the world. They have is that I had this year may be just the first

  19. I think it. you to begin meaning. an extension of him you know you that's what you really want you on that extension of outlaw them according to the coaches on the field. You know and that's important as much as him and Arctic like and about it. Yeah

  20. know homes and done. At colonial. You know what's coming here and noted that the committee can feel that seems to want you outlaw . You know success Kansas and speechless. You know quickly to him. You know make in this thing. We will also. Wanted to