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2.2: GSW/HOU Postgame- Trevor Ariza

Tue, 16 Jul 2013|

NBA players changing agents is a common tale, but there is enough smoke behind Trevor Ariza's move to ponder what it all means.

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  1. 1.26: NOH/GSW -- Game Highlights

    to a six point game but can the rest of the quarter all or it's his. Well another turnover for gold stated. There Trevor Ariza . And wanted to. That's not gonna help New Orleans ladies. All the way up to thirteen late in the third and Okafor

  1. numbers last night the 1162103. Loss to these Lakers sort of the A loss to the Lakers last night. 31 the Warriors should be all over ..... hustle game. They got beat rebounding and the Lakers rolled them. I'm looking for them to come out

  2. You wanna have this problem with your morning minute from the Comcast sports net studios Warriors season opener verses the Lakers Kobe Bryant having to sit out with Achilles injury. Second quarter Klay Thompson not sitting but it giving up three Thompson

  3. t get an assist on that. But that night class of the diversity gets over the ball quickly into the tour for the goal on the Lakers who had seven. Period Joseph Gordon to. That's up to say a lot of things you did tonight you're not gonna see on the score

  4. with Golden State. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in town to pull me out an Achilles situation ..... Plays father Michael he announces for the Lakers radio network he's probably say hey ..... arc. We had not more rebounds than the Lakers fifteen ward six Johnson finished fifteen

  5. the beginning I mean he was ready to play lust for against the Lakers whose dad was in my house. He loves playing for his father ..... happy physically tough and even though he's worked for the Lakers he was really happy to see his have a big night like this

  6. Lakers incapable of providing Warriors with a benchmark win


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Without Kobe Bryant, these aren't the Lakers to help the Warriors provide their fans the good old artificial high that comes from beating one's betters.

  7. Instant Replay: Thompson sets career high, W's throttle Lakers


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Klay Thompson didn't play in the fourth but managed to score a career-high 38 in the Warriors' 125-94 season-opening victory over the Lakers .

  8. I don't mean I was at home. At 5 PM Yahoo! Sports talk blog live from oracle at seven pregame live 730. Warriors and Lakers tip without Kobe Bryant after the game by the same everybody live at immediately after the Warriors post game.

  9. with your morning minute for Wednesday October 30 warrior basketball. Back. Yeah they opened the season tonight against the Lakers however. Goals they will begin the season without Harrison Barnes the high flying forward We'll miss the first two games

  10. Lakers spoil Doc Rivers' Clippers debut


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Doc loses the first battle of L.A., as the Lakers surprise his Clippers, 116-103, in his first game as the Clips' coach.

  11. Lakers bench scores 76 in opening-night win over Clips


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Xavier Henry scored a career-high 22 points, Jordan Farmar added 16, and the Lakers shocked the Clippers 116-103 Tuesday night.

  12. on their list to win the NBA. A regular season win total this year and got Bulls with Derrick Rose back in the Spurs. The Rockets the Pacers the Warriors down there except you wanted to have our first question voiced all. I'm here I'm fifty grand score

  13. Jeremy Lin will not be starting for Rockets Opening Night


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    It will be Patrick Beverly starting over Bay Area native Jeremy Lin when the Rockets open their season against Charlotte on Wednesday night.

  14. Phil Jackson says Heat 'have the horses' to three-peat


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    Former Chicago Bulls head coach Phil Jackson achieved the three-peat twice in his time in Chicago with two different rosters along with falling short of one in his time with the Lakers .

  15. win five to zero. Here's a tip off on Wednesday against the Lakers our coverage starts at 5 PM at Yahoo! Sports blog live from ..... Arena. Pregame live is that seven and post game follows. The Lakers Warriors match up only right here on Comcast sports net Bay

  16. and that's kind of what it was it was unsightly. Now moxie there's six days left in the regular season opener against the Lakers I know some big names were missing tonight. What does this team in your opinion have to do to be ready for the opening season

  17. Should the Bulls pursue Kobe Bryant?


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant will seemingly be testing the waters of free agency at the end of this season. Should the Bulls go after him? CSN's David Kaplan believes they should.

  18. now but I think we're seeing is the Lakers were up here. They're moving down clearly ..... have what our free agents are leaving the Lakers . The Warriors are moving up and then ..... what's going on in California if the Lakers are moving down you see the Clippers kind

  19. forces out. Obviously the last thing. That's you know stands out minds his what he did in the second game. Against the Lakers in saying guys' ability to make plays you know. Spread the floor shooters and pick teams comfortable handling the basketball

  20. to type unit that. You know I think that's overrated. Not just him but any team we know he knows us as well as he knows Lakers and we know him as well we know. You know disburse it doesn't matter. Pass was scouting is for us understanding. Of play