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Highlights -- Trail Blazers 118, Warriors 110



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Thu, 12 Apr 2012|

SportsNet Central brings all the big plays in the Warriors' loss to Portland.


Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome back let's set the hard work Warriors and Blazers of those coming up the worst loss in five seasons against Denver the other night while the former -- to -- Crawford -- the party started for the Blazers the finish up to turn over there in the later in the second deep three volley at 41 in the first half Portland up by seven. That's the great third quarter more from the Blazers Nicholas Batum. From way downtown blazer and ten point three from beyond the arc for the game and how while Crawford finished with a season high 34. Blazers go up five -- seed but. Back on the Warriors Blazers lead down to six in the fourth Nate Robinson and the drive in the face he had nineteen off the -- it's just a four point game down there a two point game Dominic McGuire. They'll face this one topping 61 run for the ducks tied the game at 85 apiece Portland up to about six minutes to go Brandon Rush and wind. Warriors take the lead. Rush said third seed but Wesley Matthews was clutch down the stretch he stepped back. And then the three overplayed tops in the city team Blazers win 1181.

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    Later in the quarter ended. next with Marcus Why open. It's actually go up by exit for the Blazers to relax. Wesley Matthews . still. Alley oop Wallace never get sick of watching it Blazers when I was seventeen.

  2. 1.24: SAC/POR game highlights

    cutting only cash you elevates the one handed jam. Kings up but you have to. Later in the third can forward please Wesley Matthews . Can't get away and to go here and check out the follow my Dante Cunningham a powerful putback. Lakers got the

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    standing. Courtside 47 all going into the break that you top eleven late in the third it's that we had a season high 153. Pointers but this one all Utah thanks martz apart for Paul Millsap. point four rebounds Wesley Matthews who dog there

  4. 12.25: POR/GSW game highlights

    like about it 44 points in the first. Half for Monta Wesley Matthews with a big dunk at the Blazers were up one at half ..... shooting out here come the Blazers later second half Wesley Matthews with reverse. Lay up. And then Rudy Fernandez drains

  1. you seem to fit people very hard but I great moment. sounds pretty good so your mom did a great job you play against Clay Matthews JJ this season who's your favorite. Now I'm forty niner. Linebacker. To watch play if you're sitting on the couch

  2. Report: Packers' Matthews to miss one month


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    Clay Matthews suffered a broken thumb in Sunday's win over the Lions and will miss at least a month, which could put his status for Week 9 against the Bears in doubt.

  3. needed for the is some First for so we'll see we'll going to get out. You know I don't know I don't know what Clay Matthews was fine and you have fun. I noting intent is not there at the end is in there. And I don't know what we can do as players

  4. After the yeah. That. It's. You can find let him. Quite It's a good core of a game like that unsentimental calls it's a disgrace and it's an embarrassment. You know I think we went out and we just. They got better and you know we were trying to. News and stuff that we shouldn't have been. And as an

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    The NFL levied Week 1 fines Friday, and San Francisco got it worse than Clay Matthews , despite his dirty hit on Colin Kaepernick.

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    Jim Harbaugh had nothing more to say about Packers linebacker Clay Matthews , but Alex Boone sure did on Friday.

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    The Bears play Clay Matthews and Jared Allen four times a year in the regular season, which is why Jermon Bushrod was Chicago's top priority in free agency this offseason.

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    Jim Harbaugh was clear about Packers linebacker Clay Matthews . Mike McCarthy didn't disagree, but the war of words could be over.

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  10. get this opportunity again it's overtake him them. I may know the answer to address your first thoughts when you saw cliff Matthews flying like a human missile out of bounds. At your quarterback. He I wanted to go on the due to. I don't know but you

  11. things he saw during the confrontation which was instigated by Matthews illegal hit. I looked at it with my own eyes I could see hill ..... Chosen to there's no repercussions of that. After the game Matthews admitted his late hit on cabernet was not very Smart and it

  12. certainly can't have a repeat of that. Up in Seattle and very loud it week one was a great test for the 49ers because Clay Matthews the Packers were kind of the antagonist. And the 49ers was really challenge in this game for the most part I think they held

  13. against the Green Bay Packers with Clay Matthews playing the role of the antagonist ..... Jim Harbaugh had some good fine Clay Matthews expense on Monday saying that the tough guy image that Clay Matthews tries to projected a major hit. With

  14. Yes it's couldn't. Couple Matthews hit. You know. And others a lot going on on that play. Or series of plays. He had the the third down play were were. We got

  15. Coming in today's game Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was very vocal how that defense was working to stop the read option and calling cap predict that Matt coming into this game. again

  16. open it has I defined as number one guy before the game Clay Matthews on radio earlier in the week said you know what. That we got ..... said if. If Alex Boone and those guys hadn't gone after Matthews who would had a problem. So you know the same thing that are

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    Jim Harbaugh believes Clay Matthews ' image sustained damage after he slapped 49ers LT Joe Staley during a second-quarter skirmish Sunday.

  18. Taken huge out there you know trying to do something after the whistle and we teach and just lock up. And and he did then and Matthews to those two points is that and so I mean the officials had there. There explanation there saw some of the things that NC

  19. can't Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews when those guys met in the season opener a year ago. Matthews won the battle decisively. Two and a ..... his heels he could contend with Clay Matthews gas prices he didn't have any leverage

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    at Candlestick Park. 49ers LT Joe Staley vs. Packers OLB Clay Matthews Tale of the tape Staley (74): 6-foot-5, 315 pounds, seventh season, Central Michigan Matthews (52): 6-foot-3, 255 pounds, fifth season, USC Joe Staley