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11.12: Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito Weigh-In



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Fri, 16 Sep 2011|

Mayweather joins Barry Tompkins to break down his upcoming fight with Victor Ortiz.


Machine Generated Transcript

Don't let it ring magazine's pound for pound best fighters Manny Pacquiao Sergio got real Martina is no need to -- on there. One Manuel Marquez what America could clinch go and Timothy Bradley one name noticeably absent. But for good reason that name. Is the subject of our chronicle conversation He and his Floyd Mayweather and the only reason you don't see that name there is that He hasn't been around we haven't seen Floyd for sixteen months when areas right here. He's looking Greg flag. Talk about the layoff sixteen months long time away from the -- what is it like riding a bike he'd get right back up on it do it. I mean has been it's been awhile but I know what it takes. Much of two years off before He came back. Then looked very impressive was setter of course we going out here to dominate and we look over the knockout. You get a young guy victor Ortiz is coming off a big win and upset when. Nothing it's amusing to me about our -- he's described. As a slugger and I've done several of his fights through as I have ears and that. I honestly I don't really see him as a slugger I can't imagine. -- he's gonna come to you and try to go toe to toe with you how do you see this fight just in terms of how the fight will be fought. He was two ways this fight can play -- either he's gonna come. Then tried to apply pressure light all 41. -- opponents -- Blair was always going to come. And try to I'll box Floyd Mayweather boy known. On in this fight. I'm not a -- on the stroke on the stronger. But I mean he's a guy would a lot of knock -- power. But I don't think He has faced a guy would much experience. You know as I half. In fact He. Incorporates a stick and move kind of strategy. Will you come no. Crowd pump or Andre brings to go to bid to Ortiz anywhere and that's our game plan -- to apply pressure from the opening bell. So that's something really a little bit out of character for you I mean you're usually guys gonna pick your spots and you win fights a lot of times on Saturday just on on. Values that expression that that is referee's usual Rangers ownership. What. It was not really Seve arrange your ship once -- has squared circle. Dying. May hit Floyd Mayweather her Floyd Mayweather push shame lowly fans does when He hit me Jeremy. I mean I've been down like a true champion. And down kept fighting heart they kept coming forward. Did He would into survival mode you know once and but so. You know when a guy history when He is written in history a guy's gonna say you know word around Floyd Mayweather did knock me out I went the distance. But our guy like cone. What a -- had and He came to fight and when He came to fight. Floyd Mayweather got to -- also when you got guys that come to fight. On USA knock out but when you're not when you got guys this this point and wanna do is. -- was in a rain will Floyd Mayweather and they went to disagree with Floyd Mayweather the fans and I'm gonna get a knock out. Yeah just senator survive until the adage of styles make fights and we'll see what kind of styles make this fight. Let's get longer are the go ahead. I think is going to have very very interesting part senator. Yeah actually that is to talk you mentioned 41 and know that your record and I think people and boxing circles really appreciate everything that you've done yet I saw a quote. From you Floyd saying I I don't get the credit that I deserve. What would take in your mind for you to get that credit as one of the all time greats. Well liked but you know and at number wonder there dome don't avoid anything. That thing is this. And we didn't we when we don't talk about the fact just it's always good to know then every time -- -- to interview He won all but a regular situation but his let you know. We know Sugar Ray Leonard. Well I don't know Lee Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather put Millwood -- -- all these fighters. We knew what when the all time greats. From the beginning of your career when they were amateurs we say you know what these fighters are one of the all time great. -- All all of a sudden. I know I'm never known a fighter begins to become did 25 years -- then all of a sudden become a great fighter I'm talking number -- some thought about Manny Pacquiao. -- in Floyd Mayweather is not duck and dodge in many Pacquiao argued domestic detest little you and I didn't. And things they're in many packed galleries -- Bob Arum says like Antonio Margarito is would bother him and how will Bob Arum thumb. He should Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter. Then ever head when I let this company He all of us and see if Floyd Mayweather is dug in and does it. Antonio Margarito he's done it he's done in many -- out and these fighters up top ranked fighters. Know. We've got. I DL for instance I was saying is this all of -- -- this -- America's citizens. I've read about Rivers -- the red white and blue all blacks -- country to do is stand behind me. Some umpire and our guide -- on my whole another country and like I said before a guy comes over to America. Make American dollars and take -- to this country if it is people. Well well only thing I've done for sixty years -- my coach's name when He in my country and then fed up and then fade. Families those less fortunate enough had America's citizens our last game here officiate because all I -- Well in boxing floor there's that old thing of great fights make great fighters and I talked to pack got to talk to you both you guys at least I think. Really want this fight to happen so. What's the hang up visit with the suits -- it with the people other than you two guys. I mean He. Many pet -- don't wanna take the blend them bloody your incest. So we don't wanna take a random bloody urine test it's obvious you must be highs and some that does -- -- -- and it is no different from. For Floyd Mayweather right now at the age of 34. To go all the way until heavyweight. To compete with the Crisco Brothers. Does that mean this is unbelievable this is unbelievable so you want demagogue just go from 105. All we've done in fifty some pounds and not been knocking guys out -- 150 in -- all natural. Couldn't --

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