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Thu, 28 Feb 2013|

Wait 'till you see the side of Mike Tyson revealed on Chronicle Live. He's doing what?


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Period as the champ Mike Tyson or be in theater undisputed truth the name of the show. Let's start with that what that is the show all about coming -- yell about me. My trials have relations everything that dynamic collection of stories that guys that show familiar with the -- on the line story to them stuff. And they'll be showcased -- tonight. On months it is true it's it's a great show with amazing amazing truths they come out and that's the one thing I know is that Spike Lee said you're the story of America. What is that story what does -- -- -- -- -- I came to a real drug of fifty gang. You know -- the criteria. Got them a lot of trouble was picked the kid. Eventually. Started picking on people they know they can become the mind. And -- gotten in trouble with the law went to upstate New York managed him with the -- -- when -- come to life. In the -- -- can -- that helped me become a national champ when things custom motto. -- -- 123 camps following. And we in the crap kicked that in me because after me that this is the one way he would either be mentally -- younger we can't isn't. I can -- to that they can't believe what this guy has seen though this stuff. You know firstly he's failing that there's some program from the only did -- get -- so long I can believe he's just built in a much confidence just. Repair muscle Francona little self esteem in them. I think we've on the island. Trusted them and being fit happen when you fight. He had to compete at the highest level. All the time what your competition when you're up on stage what -- the competition for you -- you get that's the come here -- you're competing within yourself asking him what what. To get it right you know I'm never gonna get it right. Tend to get it right and we just to improve myself. Good stuff I'm doing -- -- compliments of two. Thomas' when he professions don't in this stuff and on Lendl in the right I'm constantly striving to get that way when they won't be that person regularly. And the way we're no one even though I made a mistake in my train back. How much of this is already scripted but how much of this is when you're up there you feel the energy of the audience is all about it's like the fight it's like being in the -- when you can feel every. Hung around that was like the funny thing on justices totally different than you in the movie -- frightening to move you guys should we cut you hang your way. Could you talk to the people in the fall and give back carry that this is ready to out of -- have. Just off enormously for life in the field. There and the -- say this guy's been successful his whole life I've got a family and kids why do why are you appeared to. Know. Host and I fairly entertaining people and stuff they've got to make him look good maybe -- I'm not a tough guy made them a peacock about if supreme and I want to look everybody this is what I like to do that to be able to entertain people and a fair amount. Holed one to be a fighter. You know I got in trouble balk -- strange ways I'm not faint hope going to be champion I know -- twentieth. Be involved people like that causes the pain in the and they finish school she might go to school -- -- I believe that's what I was born to do. I believe somewhere and my family tree on some slave plantation -- somebody dancing and playing the bungled a fight -- not a slave and that's that's what I totally believe. I'd -- on the -- from that. But they follies some there for some reason people are intrigued by Mike Tyson they're gonna come to the shots that you they saw you in the ring. You can meet her to do a series of interviews a guy came off the streets because he wanted to meet you take a picture. What is it about you people are attracted to what your star. I don't know because it made them very simple -- but they can wacky thing I don't know if anything like pick him out with that weird people some time. How this guy become famous he'd like me and nothing I really do that. So he can do -- I can do it. So that's the message I don't know yet so you let yourself to not let let it. What I think that's what I feel -- hear about reverted to rant went ahead of Omaha nobly stood just awesome story. -- I'm -- the middle class kids follow them of the work in my camera my parents -- -- -- work is that I live in this vice city. So -- area we some how they've reverted to -- from the list then George Foreman told my guy that. I could relate to -- little Ali I was a -- but from a different standpoint different perspective. Your story doesn't resonate with you yet. I'm not a psychologist but are you still searching for what. What you're story is I have to say it's -- line. Ultimately that and well wanna be in my life. All right no doubt that -- You're a little odds are right now when you're fighting. And this happens in -- -- -- business you're successful Lotta people of you're here in a new round this is entertainment. Are you concerned that there might be some people say Mike Tyson on stage we can make some money in this we are gonna again live up suck up the fat -- off like. Patriots Phnom. I'm not saying that they will they won't. Put down that I when I'm thinking about right now that's not what I live alone worry about that know me I'm not worrying about -- -- me in my am worried about if I'm happy enough that my family have been Alou could be. Okay we -- -- what's going on around us what gives you peace right now. There's no and now -- -- hold myself is all about being. And told me and my wife can't be happy -- kids -- we have here piece about that at peace that would matter at peace there have who we -- this won't happen. Do you try to make them happy if they can't make you happy you try to make them happy aren't in them there I can't make them happy on there could do to what I'm supposed to do -- relationship. And that he's the father and be the husband -- -- responsibility is that person but Favre make him happy. And that that make -- I don't know what will. Sure enough that's true I believe I'm a father so you're probably telling stories that we can share. You know not a mistake that even though that can't even notified months then out of us and they don't -- -- that we can never go into the future that's what you hope right you hope they that there ought to. So that's one -- -- rolls and don't even if -- became Bombay go to deal with a part of life that we have had a chance to do it. Because they've been detained movement would probably be dead. Let's hope that happens along time -- I don't want to be that quick -- the dead on in this and there's not a tough. Big person there I like the -- you think about that person on this story huge told on stage that you you've gotten back to -- had an addition on. Yet like fifth and stuff about Robin -- ball after my case you idiot and I think tomorrow. And when you see you you're being as popular you are a lot of people do limitations. You like seeing him do that you have fun with that hurt you get a look at that when I was -- -- I mean I took myself too serious. Insecure guy -- if I want to be that bad guy in the league to talk to me like that. Let them. That's what this is all about -- and that's so who does the best Mike Tyson impression that you've seen out there who would you like that you like dude who would you left win that they were that they were hanging in doing Mike. I don't know filming if you get some kind of forego Q do you and do just like really phone. They've got can get on the phone thing -- -- my wife think you've made stuff that the good guys about that you -- that yours yet your head out of your sparking the careers. Nobody is through these guys the good that's with the explicit. And impersonating people so people seniors showing other cities is it any different -- then began -- I guess I'm getting into passed away my type thing. Pretty -- and I've seen any great like it's very very little late -- great they're great. A great men with boys who -- you like your your -- eventually be like that -- they are very chill in Vegas. Packed it feels good -- -- -- low as number one night a week was for the local -- -- this is a remarkable man. -- We live in the world that because even have hundreds of billions analysts though we -- -- this with a remarkable man and humanitarian and he's just awesome that he made when he passed the Wilson whoa he's. Imitate my wouldn't hear the radio earlier in the that but you know he came from -- sports background if it was a doctor's. -- draft that you played the Dodgers in the minor leagues he hurt his -- always had the physique right -- live that they get -- -- that -- absolutely pure warrior I don't think he used to he used to impress his teammates with his impressions. He got injured couldn't play. And that sparked into his career that's done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm just being me. And people I've been off and again foot so it's like a little upset it's left and it's like you're ever cocktail party -- I was talking to a friend that I really. -- -- to fill them but these benefits in -- house and go to different that's great that. What's next for Mike Tyson. Fifth with the family and do the more more accomplishments. That's right you had a what's the question I didn't need and that fact is that right of -- clear that the champ right here everybody goes in Mike Tyson at the orpheum. -- skated truth in a little bit wacky. Where you've been lacking good don't be confused as though it being -- real world could -- to -- they go to the you know Diallo. Go see that guy Thursday night through Saturday night at the European theater undisputed truth Mike Tyson showtime 8 PM. Did you think caddie he is get your tickets on line as age and the pats have dot com.

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