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11.12: Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito Weigh-In



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Fri, 25 Oct 2013|

Boxer Manuel Avila makes an appearance on Yahoo SportsTalk Live in anticipation of his nationally televised bout with Jose Cota.


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How about this about coming up. On Monday night nationally televised on fox sports one for Redwood City it's you know Ottawa going up against Jose caught up and an excellent match up that we look forward. To see. Speaking of that we are joined by. 21 year old -- here welcome insiders seniors as well as -- knocking on our. Fight sports expert on CSN Bay Area dot com bacteria grow up locally 21 years old as I mentioned before. Other young guy like you even get into boxing. And that means how is the knees or Tuesday after street -- does that give it firemen around that means right now. So -- on nine is -- is how boxing until about. The Illini you know this is a beautiful of them it will. An insult. Kind of -- is doing. Like that so make of it. In and beat up on them legally yeah yeah I can do those. Notre. You know ten is those view of -- you know ointment and he knows that. Their form -- this you know and start. Walked in the engine -- Them -- Cool stuff well you knew you'd be fighting a late replacement in coda. But -- -- not like baseball or football we get like a wide scouting report. On your opponent so what is it like for a fighter like you having to face a mystery upon how do you approach that. Don't know if it's nothing different you know we've merely -- too much about my other opponents so we do is based off of a time where they're from. You know it and you know there and do a lot over hand rights and looks at the body so we just kind of work off of that you know like cannons. So we just you know whatever we can. Do we do when you're also rarity in -- -- not been coming prospect but one thing you can do a lot of players can't do stalled at triple left hook. -- -- -- conference. You know growing up you know facts are boxing program -- my coach -- go watch these fights like these -- you know Garner a father build our putts thousands. Are there one was put on thing -- you hear it gag gag as if they -- guys acted behind the hands and -- spine and that's not. In two left that was fired my most favorite Ramos and -- lesson at the positives that. You know it seems like you've come from a very blue collar family in terms of the jobs -- your family has even that the current job you have you I guess it's here. Your energy jobs your real job. I'll tell me how that type of kind of mentality helps you as a boxer maybe even just staying humble. Long mark Nomar at bats and can't come on works that former manager -- Let united and they always worked not do with the temperament so. So I just see you know there was you know go we we work hard for you know. Oh is otherwise I guess the more spoiled one this because of boxing her sports. Play in they've made those maturity on belfry we came from don't -- you know what we've done for you know so well always is. All around where my fan though just make sure I stayed that way you know then you know fired it. I have that I would take boxing where from you think that's where -- broke loose and I had to -- -- anything. Well even rising and I have a very powerful team behind you Oscar -- -- as your promoter. Your managers Cameron -- the same guy who mentions in the -- go to mayor. -- Rios is going to be fighting Manny Pacquiao next month. You know with that said these are all million dollar fighters do you get intimidated at all knowing that you know this is a standard that you're gonna have to live up to and. -- You know it's pretty great you know because they're going to be on no main event on TV so it means you know. Might not be up there with them they announced you know that's there working -- -- you know put me and then. Now so I think you know it's pretty Coronado feeling pressure and not feel pretty game notes. You know what what vocal coach -- 21 hero and you know can say you know days he's been on TV you know the thing is my tenth time on TV. But they -- -- pretty cool and you know twelve and no known along with. While I think ninth in two and yeah. This is. They had -- by the way -- -- you're constantly. Right now so maybe stay away from the Petersen and obviously best of luck -- acting and thanks to come and join his poise great job thank you bachelor and the final on.

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  1. Win a boxing glove autographed by Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley! Deadline -- 4:00 p.m. Friday.

    thirteen fight win streak they've of those wins coming by way of knock out. So who was the last boxer to defeat Manny Pacquiao now. answer in the box below and register to win a glove autographed by both fighters.

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  1. your promoter. Your managers Cameron the same guy who mentions in the go to mayor. Rios is going to be fighting Manny Pacquiao next month. You know with that said these are all million dollar fighters do you get intimidated at all knowing that

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    descent. It was consent. I'm very proud of Michael. Heritage. I mean world mean the world community. He you know Manny Pacquiao national hero I would. Let take that spot in mixed martial arts. And be able to be a pioneer for a lot of Filipinos

  13. week's it was a good luck charm. He goes out beats Manny Pacquiao he could check it out at our website CSN Bay Area ..... s been robbed three times and decisions against Manny Pacquiao . He had for Pacquiao by five points so when you look

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  20. today and you talked at length on Tuesday. About Manny Pacquiao . What is the status that I know Bob Arum has a lot ..... you know not dodge. This time out I thought I was Manny Pacquiao to fight didn't have been Bob Graham is in a way