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Harbaugh: 'Muhammad Ali is greatest sports competitor world has ever known'

Fri, 8 Mar 2013|

NEW ORLEANS (AP) Muhammad Ali's daughter knocked down rumors of her father being near death Sunday, saying he was at home watching the Super Bowl. May May Ali said she talked to her father Sunday morning on the phone and he was fine. She said he was watching the Super Bowl at home in Arizona, ...

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  1. Don King on Ali's role in getting him into the business 5.6

    local Cleveland hospital. And that's where you are you coming to contact with the great Mohammed Ali tell me about that night in association and Mohammed Ali started a nicer. Well my thought they would mom probably was always one that was then

  2. 3.9: Muhammad Ali Hangs with the Giants

    The greatest benefit Patriots. And it's not an outrage over that clubhouse got him a few days floating my butterfly sting to me. For its athletes for hope here to campaign business got they'll lose friends. With a great Willie Mays saw him showing up the Giants camp is no surprise but it wasn't

  3. 1-on-1 with Floyd Mayweather

    of Tehran the body. Lot of people take a look at UNC got a lot of savvy in that ring may be the smartest guy in the since Mohammed Ali . As you move forward your career how much you have to rely on those smarts in the rain so that your body doesn't take

  4. 1-on-1 with Floyd Mayweather

    is it's. Do you feel like you're not fighting Robert brokers say bit that really fighting the very robinsons in the Mohammed Ali 's what does this Robert verified to Felix. Well he's he's a young lion like you just cities that he's a young he

  1. Ali's daughter: The Greatest is OK, watching game


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) Muhammad Ali 's daughter knocked down rumors of her father being near death Sunday, saying he was at home watching the Super Bowl. May May

  2. Anderson's Mohammed Ali introduced as the ever read those like a butterfly stings like ..... Anderson keeping it close early on the right David. low low to Mohammed Ali inside of Jose Silva nice moment there off the missing grabs the

  3. Know Your Opponent -- Brandon Jacobs


    Thu, 11 Oct 2012

    home and go to 1971. Of march 8. Madison Square Garden Mohammed Ali and Joseph Frazier first time they've caught them. Went ..... afraid that's correct. Yeah there's women's play fifth Mohammed Ali 's first loss. Yeah that's pretty that was the outcome

  4. of guys. Hopefully some we can get Willie Mays here. And Mohammed Ali . And we're pubic. But those two guys are great guys and ..... university and and Jim minute can. they Willie Mays and so they Mohammed Ali . And pins long and Wilson it's it's an honor for us

  5. 7.28: Chronicle Live -- Janet Evans


    Thu, 28 Jul 2011

    sure was an achievement but hands down a million times over the race experience in my Olympic career is passing the torch to Mohammed Ali . That the 1996 opening ceremonies Saddam it transcended it. I'm swimming obviously for me it transcended the Olympic

  6. And those types of changes forced. I think too but I I think even be because they even more so. You fought everybody Mohammed Ali fought everybody Larry Holmes fought everybody Marvin Hagler fought everybody nobody ducked anybody but what we see now is

  7. he is a a jump back I think he was called enemies are now Hendry for. He's he's a very charming guy who fought like Mohammed Ali peek into the game Sugar Ray Leonard a hard fight Sugar Ray Leonard was fresh off the Olympics than when he fought. Kirkland

  8. Malik and Muhammad


    Thu, 6 Jan 2011

    help. Let's take a look back. At the Warriors win over Minnesota had timber wolves earlier this moment hands and gave. Mohammed . Ali thank him. Send your best do you get ready to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves there's game. Sound right steals bond

  9. 3.11: Buster Posey on Chronicle Live


    Fri, 12 Mar 2010

    gotta ask you about today when he arrived to the ballpark there must have been a highlight to see. Not only Willie Mays but Mohammed Ali in the clubhouse what was that like four. So you what that's that's one of those that's a once time. Experience it

  10. that central at 6 o'clock and it didn't thirty. Also the Giants special yes in the locker room today they're great Mohammed Ali in the locker room you'll see what pleases you visit. On the other team debate eighties they hit the pitches the way of

  11. Don King on Ali: The Greatest 5.6


    Thu, 7 May 2009

    Every name has been every head must borrow. Every Tom must confess. Bow our other great the greatest of all times Mohammed Mohammed Ali . And Mets fans that they as it did yesterday yesterday today and tomorrow. And this is what I cannot qualify that and quantum

  12. are going around trying to get somebody to back Democrats and Mohammed Ali and George Foreman. And nine had over his dad sat up a fright ..... backing and we had to be more than a jungle which was. All Mohammed Ali and George Foreman.