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Nonito Donaire: 'It's gonna take more than my left hook to take him out'



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Sun, 14 Apr 2013|

Andre Ward breaks down Saturday night's fight between Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux.


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Neither the nearest twelve year thirty about winning streak came to an end this Saturday in New York City -- him oregano. I spoke to the super middleweight champion of the world Andre Ward was greenside in -- expert analysis. -- when I'm disappointed. It's got to take had a terrific values. These things happen in boxing especially when -- let me -- I think that that's my game right now he's not even soft touches. Nobody another snow machine pushing him. You don't try to make him into stories making themselves are fighting the -- like the best these kind of things that utility he -- a good night. Did you sort of by watching it from over but apart from my second I didn't score because it's hard to score well. Watching -- fame you know I'm just kind of into the action. Don't really know what the story -- should have been good. We're turning things that you thought strategically that the -- of the group definitely -- you know it's tougher on the lead just been kind of under one up input everybody. They're bringing -- to me showed a lot of different things my personal right to his right. It would vick's on and on people and next thing back on its. I think if anything the courtroom so. I hit Hutchinson left Saturdays -- -- -- And it's it's and -- -- Knock out and it's exciting to hit them let him look for some tactical effectiveness should be addressed. I'm moving on are you doing with the shoulder and what's the plan I talk about its. -- to talk about it fight so. Let's open it up ahead of schedule just try to be patient but it's. He's. Athletic ability to. Sport so I'm excited about that was happy to get out and didn't -- a tough test does is keep them. And also earlier this week the WBZ that they were gonna stripped of the title which I've been ridiculous because you are the true champion of the under sixty pound division you. You -- just another example of you know felt making the championship thing well. -- we disagree with it but -- right. Team together.

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  1. Andre Ward breaks down Saturday night's fight between Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux.

  2. I hope. It's. Gonna. Yeah me and I didn't know if they'll ever why. And I'm glad I'm not. I was calling me Little. Yeah it's not me. The fight on you know he's going against real tough our best chance. I If you don't mind my world. Yeah you know. Publicists at. That seventh annual lasting problem

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