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3.5: Nonito Donaire on Chronicle Live



  1. Dorell Wright11:35, 11:48
  2. Golden State Warriors0:36, 4:42, 5:13
  3. Stephen Jackson's5:15
  4. Miami Heat11:12
  5. Dwyane Wade11:11
  6. Reggie Williams7:24
  7. Mark Jackson10:52
  8. Las Vegas0:45, 0:53, 4:44
  9. magic Johnson5:58
  10. Kevin Hart5:55
  11. Ricky Hatton4:25
Tue, 20 Sep 2011|

In this edition of the Lunch Box we catch up with Dorell Wright as he introduces us to the Warriors' newest faces.


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Everyone and welcome to another episode of the alleged crime your husband and her hair and back for his second episode we have DJ was that He come back come back from that. Welcome to have a good time. Had a great time it's better if I of course got a little bit of ice to my life as well write about my -- -- -- this -- found all of the all time. Home home. I feel free lunch my lunch balanced better that that that already well on today's episode I have an amazing announcement -- -- your -- On the -- -- to go right at Golden State Warriors will be into the broadcast broke. The other lunch box he's the first official lunch box correspondent who actually catch up with him in Las Vegas this past weekend and it is it's his first. Officially if you check it out -- With everybody's bored you right come on here you know in Las Vegas -- -- young rookies right. -- they were equipment box you know. Think you know actually gotten a few questions for some follow up quickly found his drop forty plus fitness or no roof. Competitive in the game so hard to fill out there and going out there -- -- good competition this. Yeah others off of me. Forces now that some of these -- Jamaica for right now. And the which I made most of next few days. -- -- -- -- We'll go right it's my Boise State's defense. You don't you know when I didn't even know would you know New York -- New York's the best of no damage zone these guys around and did. -- quite -- -- He -- when you plan to. And -- -- against him except if your teammates confidence. Right the only one -- -- your. Job covering this -- is an omen of things how focused in on him. It's just my teammates and for the different that I. Dinosaurs from go to my boy Jeremy Tyler I hear we go back -- -- -- If you wanna compete and I know what I think that is when you talk you know our teammate who is. Goodness that. You don't see practice. They're pretty good just like you know these cigars instead. It was fun play which you know you got -- and can harness it so before we for us so it's like Marcus toward the end. -- It's -- each other. Since He knows a lot now you know a lot of fans you know good -- its season. You know no really good opportunity to meet you guys think like that if they go live to notice those. Video golf so much was so low we got -- -- who -- now who's going to play this and wants. You know soft right now probably appreciated by trade in the off. And tonight song we're about your season in New York the more power and found me and coach -- K okay that's good song. -- -- -- -- -- Down this thing you know but I guess this proves it's a beautiful -- Womack. I'm gonna feel much I don't know this year one thing prevail. Dora the Explorer. Little Mermaid. -- -- lines -- the best two that knows yet -- guys that a budget into -- that you have known way they're sorely whenever you talk about it though. -- yeah okay that's a good -- don't you go left and times and -- those two guys that they do so many people are going to be an NBA. -- -- we adorable. Some victories like -- we're. That I -- you go to Jermaine and I'm that if Girardi. The man you know whoa man okay. -- -- so you know without them in my young rookies who don't make through that period program that we get a lot of work in -- -- -- you -- -- work. Warriors -- good -- trying to you know take it to another level in the policy let's get this straight but you know a few good -- okay back to Houston in the studio. For that you -- around my first official you know you had -- mind -- play on -- and done that you know talking to the rookies. Heard about -- Arafat now. But I want to backpack and they didn't prevent I this past season. Or actually -- that I've been doing playing and all the other Ricky Hatton where -- about that Paxson. Is -- I hope -- -- He knows because that is what it represents yet something bright something flashy something. But that's check out what's on the LP won't that to. Us. This past weekend that Golden State Warriors we're in Las Vegas ten Warriors came out to Las Vegas spent four days together. They did team workouts -- Lives and they participated in impact basketball -- -- let me tell you -- I saw firsthand the Warriors coming together and you know practicing together and mountain snow coaches this is all -- and He looked amazing amazing I can't wait for you got to see the footage later on in the upcoming episodes. This also went out in Las Vegas I was able to catch up with former off of Golden State Warriors Glenn as a -- And Stephen Jackson's quest I saw Lloyd. -- -- Hayes who was quite an eventful weekend in Las Vegas coming back to the -- area this past weekend Michael Crabtree is going to be his 24. Birthday in San Jose California -- club Latif. On his 49ers where there of course. Helping him celebrate He also flew out to -- -- -- to participate in the celebration I can imagine if you were there is probably in -- Crabtree wasn't the only person celebrating this past weekend Floyd Mayweather. Five to beat their first tees this past -- and of course we all know that Mayweather went in the fourth round by knockout in attendance to this I was He taking. Fifty cents Kevin Hart. -- around right at me you know magic Johnson and many. Manny has more did you do to catch I mean I was there I know I -- I wouldn't think if I wanted to fight it. I was sitting -- -- the -- -- and questioning whether the car celebrating all over the place in Las Vegas what went along Raiders kicker Sebastian genachowski is in trouble you know. He's charged with misdemeanor battery false imprisonment stemming from an incident in 2010. Sebastien has been arrested seven times in his college slash pro career that includes Sapp reckless driving and you guys. -- -- As your at it as long as this puts okay. They were get a lot that would put that game where -- LPGA. Golfer we'll be shaking and I. How golfers Tiffany Jones Tahiti and Alison Wallace. Made it 3828 classy booty bouncing -- they did I freak nasty however. They called -- you have to talk about how you could see it. Hi -- well that's it for the help you make me. That date yet. Little comic Thomas who you know -- -- and an excellent judgment and I definitely good. You tell me -- how. -- -- shut up all the gold ball for that for that line in the fifth to enjoy your -- what had happened right after this. We're gonna get into lock out like if you tuned in last weekend. We have a new season or Reggie Williams who signed a one year -- to play in Spain and document in his day. Via the lockout life and this is his second episode check it out -- -- my teammate -- On our way to the bank. If -- from zero that I count. So we will do I broke my gas -- that we don't have -- right now. Head I don't understand that that is that is right but look at the mark it. Okay. -- real familiar. -- And they got a special volatile. To -- Some some BS. Every day. Don't go to -- And bed. -- -- The windows. Thank god no. I hit the bank but I found that makes them. How -- you. Just think -- You don't mind do you. Record. It's okay that is -- yeah. Start again. You know who will -- be -- Yeah. We have to. Put money taken out today. We'll twenty minutes. When the -- it I don't know whether it's. Like. Got kids. Send seemingly every terrible need that. I let go up. -- in. May have told Reggie. And yeah hero. Of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. So I well no because. Reggie. He never about he's -- hilarious and I especially love when it's not an hour ago they went through the window Sean -- around. But -- what this guy can't -- Edmonton. And that is our lives six I was on the -- and some of the day. Mark Jackson head coach of the Golden State Warriors needed he's your t.'s hand down man down. It back right on me I don't know I don't know I was a lot to say about. Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat mediate what does it jump shots and kings kings lineup having comment. I think both have held my heart in the corners. Yeah. That's called not a forehead. But lets up 56 guys I can't talk. No but it's good thing because it's even though but -- -- -- the ball and the quarterback figure OK okay. Dorell Wright of the Golden State Warriors between eating at home I got the fight was classic Kaman made. Went to the streets don't do certain things ha ha ha ha OMG happy I was I witnessed so -- Dorell Wright was actually at the fight with -- -- you don't left me so I was I was there but actually not so much because -- -- it anyways. It. The great thing I would bet I was in Vegas and we have so much more what does this tell you guys on the upcoming episodes of the lunch box because. The lunch boxes -- and we're not only in the -- we are. Everywhere so thank you for tuning in and spend a little bit of -- lunch time we couldn't I hope you enjoy whatever you out in front of me eating. While it's -- over the Shelton DJ mr. What the -- -- song of the day to keep these people going. We have the song called club -- -- by the cataract -- -- boys and forty. Believe -- check out the next I knew what was. -- brings me for -- -- me and -- from the party or even one original dream -- no problems at all. But it. Was. If you. -- -- Really believe that we'll probably the number this isn't the lumber has gotten better and we'll welcome him back tomorrow just stepped close friends -- going to -- Back then the ultra. In July what you're -- yeah. I don't -- -- bigger and there's an outstanding -- court to ask him. -- the whole -- and the little things just like you've global. Now don't remember in the wind blowing quite. This man with a Cadillac.

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