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7.22: Robert Guerrero on Chronicle Live


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Thu, 23 May 2013|

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Let my fans I'm not -- preseason they're not you -- like Robert Guerrero and yeah -- don't want us. Not aggressive. Thanks to being. Halladay overwhelming advantage more. Okay. Because we need. You know that is -- -- I think it's. Our. We -- signing autographs because I got into. How about -- OK guys you know in fact. Being the reason you -- Your gun case and sure it's got to be really well you have to you know knowing that that's you know that's not done -- You know I did everything. Hey you know I think. You know he's got guarantees. Okay. Blocking side of things. Aren't there -- Across and -- okay last November's -- Mayweather fight. Some of the little guys that never really liked my next. -- -- -- -- anybody here you know except we're going to be going to be. I've got definite -- and comes out of my answer Williams. If you're in the -- front. I'm on vacation this week I'm kind of an interesting -- and then you know back you -- -- -- the it's your thing. Probably around the people's champ and I don't think hearing you'll write write my Indiana will be area not.

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    conversation. Is Robert the ghost Guerrero. And you know as we. And we see the smiles ..... t fight is that he's got me. July 28. HP pavilion the ghost a ghost buster cant wait to see it Robert Guerrero best of And thank you.

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  2. Let my fans I'm not preseason they're not you like Robert Guerrero and yeah don't want us. Not aggressive. Thanks to being. Halladay overwhelming advantage more. Okay. Because we need. You

  3. All firearm possession charges have been dismissed against the boxer the ghost Robert Guerrero . Earlier today Guerrero appeared in court in New York in connection with his march 20 the rest of JFK airport you go Roy native

  4. Yeah Robert the ghost Guerrero finest he goes the distance against Floyd money Mayweather he loses and a decision. He fares pretty darn well right knocking

  5. to see we have that but. You know I guess that you know he did his thing him. You know outside assess what what Robert Guerrero I'll be back he's still got five more fights. I'll be back. So I'll be working hard down to get back in

  6. lynch on I think every. They let us In his face so. I think the road for this runs well. So there's some. Robert Guerrero have been yeah. But here and her body it upset tonight. Now and though I think it's his time. When guys went

  7. prevailing theme. To the buildup for this fight has been Robert Guerrero trying really hard to prove that he's not intimidated ..... playoffs like we saw the Warriors Nuggets last night. Robert Guerrero doesn't have to win four times you just have to do

  8. That and the other. Yeah that was the goes to Robert Guerrero is dad. Rubin is also his trainer berating Floyd Mayweather at the press conference promoting Saturday's title fight Thursday

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  11. To the podium. And to acknowledge. The father and train there. Of Robert the ghost Guerrero that is groove and get movement. And maybe short maybe get gonna find out you know. That we do as best. I'm blessed

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    And we're. The. Robert Guerrero boxing isn't just a sports. Did for family tradition. He's one of six Brothers Robert found his passion for pure them at

  14. champs with half pound fighter Floyd money Mayweather junior. We'll be fighting at MGM grand vina made for against Robert the ghost Guerrero. Floyd thanks for joining us today. Men in the Bay Area is crazy that how hot in this in this area she's been

  15. For Robert the ghost Guerrero held a media workout on Tuesday ahead of his highly anticipated bout with Floyd Mayweather on May fourth Gilroy native

  16. Preseason period on top. And you. And now. I'm seeing this season. Sweating and I rent pain. Every time you can really time. Father. As I am old help me and I think it would help better hope it's. Thought Mike But honestly do you better believe. This is that you champions which You'll see ya this

  17. When they wouldn't it be. Don't know what happens.

  18. This signature brim hat stage that was it. Ruben Guerrero in the Charlotte area put it all started working in the field with his father and Anything with I mean. That was what it. You know it's not half bad holes that's the worse it. What are those mandates from his father was learning how to box

  19. I chances for CSN Bay Area dot com. I'm here Kilroy with Robert Nichols girl who's getting ready and I that they just for the biggest fight of his career may fourth against Floyd Mayweather and Robert. I know let's just beginning of training camp that Stetson hat and everything going right. You

  20. I've been shooting. Commercials with my opponents. The thing marxists. Mosley. Ortiz. Coat room. You know Robert Guerrero . of his group Guerrero or Guerrero I don't know. to Floyd you know I intimidates everybody gets him this you know