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5.5: Q&A with "Sugar" Shane Mosley



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Tue, 8 May 2012|

Andre Ward gives his impression from the Mayweather-Cotto fight, which he attended.


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All right I'm back yeah every Wofford for another inside -- sports update in this time. Put them -- Duke -- like got a big time champ right next and it. Andre Ward's super middleweight champ that they have in the studio champion here. What's it been a busy weekend for you went down that. Las Vegas saw some great box and Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto I mean this is something that everyone wanted to be out there watching that fight. What was it like being in there. It was it was excellent. Just a great time it was electric there's -- like fight week. I think the fans got a tremendous show in this and he made -- in the main event and I just simply -- they got their money's -- did you feel like Floyd was ever in trouble that -- How thankful I was in trouble I think that you know as it as it hasn't gotten 43 you know you have to understand that you know you're -- -- high level and some opponents are gonna have someone -- some good round but how do you respond to the adversity we've always response of the adversity and the god knows how to we. Did you learn about Floyd in this fight what did you learn about Cotto and -- We'll simply about Ko I simply Cora did everything I felt he was going to be an oppressive and comes in and make it very interesting fight. One thing I -- about Floyd Mayweather stays calm no matter what's happening. He never gets rattled in and again that's why even in the midst or in the face of adversity he comes to win this and raced. Floyd Mayweather every time we say that and we starts and Manny Pacquiao is that might gonna happen. That's the question at all boxing fans and even some you know just some general sports fans -- know. Who knows that they can work through that the financial situation in the split the difference on the revenue as a fan I wanna see the fight I think the fight should happen. I don't think this fight has has many Bears on either man's legacy I think it's a fight in boxing needs I think it's a fight that should happen. The biggest stars in Mexico right now -- elaborate as he took on sugar Shane Mosley hats off the sugar -- one of my favorite boxers of all time. Didn't have enough still at this age to beat number avoided become the fight. You know Sainz we over there he was in great physical condition but it's something about. You know -- up -- eighth when you see -- target -- -- his shot but just can't get off to fight a guy that's you know 1012 years. You know younger that you that you normally would handle pretty easily but for some reason -- -- -- That being said unfortunately I think it's -- able to hang them up how -- is couldn't LO. And who is he ready to fight at this point in his career. While I think and LO is. LO is based on the Shane Mosley fight. But he did show that he can take a good shot he showed me some different aspects of his game I've never seen before. As Shane Mosley simply brought that out of that if you ready for Floyd Mayweather is he ready for Manny Pacquiao. That remains to be seen but he needs a couple more fights like the same multi level older fighters order contenders were gonna push him. But they don't really have what it takes to beat him and then we'll see from the.

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