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Can Guerrero upset Mayweather?



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Thu, 2 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Like this weekend Mayweather Guerrero are boxing and -- sport's insiders Ryan knocking got to go to the website CSN Bay Area dot com. They'll let you know if Robert Guerrero has a ghost of a chance against Floyd Mayweather. Welcome into the program ING because -- more Ryan knocking on the -- right here we get ready for the big fight coming up on Saturday. Does Robert Guerrero what is what you have to do to have a chance against Oakland and whether. What did you ask this question about a year ago you'd have to go with Floyd you know its defense is impenetrable. Hand speed amazing and he's one of the greatest fighters of our generation. But a lot has happened within twelve months is as any sport with -- I mean for one Robert had never fun and under forty some pounds before but what he did was he went up and fight two guys went to know and you -- to -- And on the other hand you have Floyd who not only did -- actually human in his last fight against Miguel Cotto where he was bruised and -- that's that's a rare sight see. -- other questions about whether his legs are still there. But also he went to jail. For about two months for domestic violence conviction in and done he came out. A death sentence looking noticeably lighter and done. You you definitely it was very interesting to see what makes this fight intriguing is that. I feel like they're more questions and Floyd has to answer coming out of this -- than Robert because you know what you're gonna get with him. That's very interest -- you you mentioned the jail time spent by Floyd Mayweather today and Yahoo! Sports there was a piece written. And the altercation between his then girlfriend Josie Harris and Floyd Mayweather now let's give you a quote from Josie Harris here's what she says quote. He beat me to a pulp mill. But I had bruises on my body and contusion and concussion. Because they can't support to the back of my head I believe it was planned to do that because the bruises don't show. But as Yahoo! Sports article led to this exchange at today it's Mayweather Guerrero press conference. Maybe four baby -- gonna find out. You know everything regain my son's best. I'm blessed no matter what I am I am what I am and I'm the real deal and now I don't talk and I backed it up with it. Back it up maybe anytime anywhere but -- it and now we're gonna beat up that woman beat the one that beat up like man if what you thought of kids you guys like that. That I -- -- -- and let them enough for me that. Beat her baby was going to be the bigger the guys -- like it. -- -- -- -- -- Are you OK it's OK -- try. And that me. At. The. It right. All right. -- wow we see a lot of craziness that happens it pre fight press conferences even Oscar De La Hoya looked like he was nervous on nervous sorry you watch the fight game. What the heck was Ruben Guerrero doing right. Well he was reacting and one thing about -- that you have to know is that. There's no mail filter with him in the sense that he's won -- percent -- all the time I even behind closed doors you talk to -- about. How he feels about the Mayweather he's not -- it and he really believes. You know as far as his animosity towards me whether -- genuine. Can miss the article on this outburst in what went on what kind of effect does this have on the fight if you're Robert Guerrero to what you want to -- that kind. -- -- none you know one thing I. I will say is that a lot of fights of our one last what he sees me wanderlust before the fighters step into the ring and and the one thing about this Guerrero team and if in comparison all the previous got to flip has fun recent memories that they are not intimidated I think this kind of goes toward the hole. Mind games aspect of of this fight that team Guerrero wants -- prove a point that they are not intended. -- going into the today you do the one guy who was the -- I was Floyd Mayweather in beat up his girlfriend. They're good guy Guerrero gave up his career for his wife wait cancer that are -- back to help now they're gonna go in the rain today might change a little bit of it but as you look at this fight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Ring Magazine did ask me that question -- is one of three out of forty writers who actually pick Guerrero to win this fight just because I believe. That the perfect storms brewing for for an upset keep stylistically in addition to what we talk but as far as -- age. On coming into play we have Robert who's a lefty and you know we look for signs of vulnerability any type of stuff of fumble were vulnerability that -- shown over the years and what we've seen as if he struggles early with lefties and he's susceptible to pressure one thing I will say for fans who want a steady despite watch Floyd's fight against hospital boy. Because it's indelibly -- was able to pressure Floyd effectively he just ran out of gas and wanting that a lot of people don't know is after that ninth round. They'll play actually led 8685 on two of the three judges scorecards and he wasn't even landing you know that cleanly. He was just being rewarded for his activity in and you know his aggression and so if if Robert can do that and I know he's not getting attacked a season this time. We make him for help buy and if you think Brian knock against his picking Guerrero because he's a home or not true ring magazine last year throughout this entire fight season who finished number one in picks -- and I'm knocking out there thanks very much read the stuff that CSN Bay Area dot com we appreciate -- him.

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