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8.31: Bill King; Ford C. Frick finalist

Wed, 2 Oct 2013|

Every year Bill King doesn't win the Ford C. Frick Award, the qualities of his work fade further. The late A's broadcaster has waited long enough.

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  1. 9.2: Bill King Tribute

    s. Okay. It's. It's. Here with this someone. Bill King would soar particularly right well read. Russian. Novels you know via ballet the opera. Said he'd be broadcasting a game in Cleveland December. Football game in the Booth

  1. Hey Hoosier of broadcasting hero your legend your favorite broadcaster of all time I think you would have to be. One Ronald Burgundy really yeah well they've got a very special guest for you real

  2. World Series Game 5: Sunday's pickoff was quite the call


    Mon, 28 Oct 2013

    Another announcer is caught laughing at the Red Sox' decision to hold Kolten Wong moments before Wong is picked off, ending Game 4.

  3. Hawk: 'I love baseball now more than ever'


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    White Sox broadcast announcer , Ken "Hawk" Harrelson, won't be leaving the broadcast booth anytime soon and loves the game now more than ever.

  4. Whitner's new name will get some announcer fired


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    But he surely will get an announcer fired when force of habit causes said broadcaster to substitute an "L" for the "N."

  5. Hawk Harrelson named finalist for Ford C. Frick Award


    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    White Sox television broadcaster Ken "Hawk" Harrelson has been named one of ten finalists for the 2014 Ford C. Frick Award .

  6. Kuiper, King among 10 Ford C. Frick finalists


    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    The 10 finalists for the 2014 Ford C. Frick Award were announced on Wednesday, and the Bay Area has two representatives.

  7. It's Bill King's time


    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    Every year Bill King doesn't win the Ford C. Frick Award , the qualities of his work fade further. The late A's broadcaster has waited long enough.

  8. ballot for the Ford C Frick award and a Baseball Hall ..... the food Weathers the broadcaster hurts it's a camera ..... a lengthy career in broadcasting has been. We could ..... situations a play by play announcer will be sitting next ..... their play by play announcer hasn't played he

  9. of course. Who gets kind of pregame live at 630 and then post game. Right after the contest as well as sports net central enjoy Armando will see him on television go ahead mister announcer That was the windy. I CSN Bay Area dot com.

  10. Ken 'Hawk' Harrelson has gone-gone techno


    Wed, 18 Sep 2013

    White Sox play-by-play announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson has gone techno in a video released by MLB.com featuring Harrelson and his famous in-game calls throughout his career.

  11. Vote Duane Kuiper onto the Ford C. Frick Award ballot


    Mon, 16 Sep 2013

    Giants fans know him, and love him. Here's how you can vote Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper onto the Ford C. Frick Award Ballot.

  12. Len Kasper talks Cubs on 670 The Score


    Tue, 10 Sep 2013

    Cubs play-by-play announcer Len Kasper joined the Mully and Hanley Show on 670 The Score to discuss various topics about the current team and what the future may hold.

  13. A's announcer Korach set to release book on King


    Thu, 5 Sep 2013

    Ken Korach is used to working behind the microphone, but he spent the past several months writing a book about the legendary Bill King .

  14. well. settles defense past couple days and throwing here he's made some pretty. Pretty nice place to PNC's. Really announcer around so much better now. Is your reaction. I think it's you know he's struck. Few pounds and has helped him over

  15. happened here DelHomme present the first signed up the Giants PA announcer says to me I greatness. You do a great job. The right pretty ..... meet. Me scratching my patella that says it all when the PA announcer goes down. Yeah I a good season are you kidding me right

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  17. Dykes names Cal's quarterback


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    you know I mean that's no don't want that so physically tough let just another challenge. joining us college football broadcaster Roxy Bernstein rushing his first of all does this move surprise you at all. I'm surprise me being you know that I actually

  18. did you go to pregame live at 330 of course our post game show. To follow the contest we'll see you later tonight on television until Mister announcer man take north. That was the windy this morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

  19. Remy's son charged with murder of girlfriend


    Fri, 16 Aug 2013

    Jared Remy, the son of longtime Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, is charged with fatally stabbing his girlfriend.

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