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7.14: Joe Morgan compares Sanchez, Koufax


  1. Willie Mays0:03
Wed, 4 May 2011|

24 Days of Mays is counting down to the premiere of "Legends" Willie Mays" on May 8th.


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One thing that always struck me about Willie Mays that it. Whenever it was on a baseball field it seems like that's where you belong and you wanna be anyplace else he was always haven't bonding time he was on the field.

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    close look at the dugout okay. You should still went through this good. And you know here's. Yeah. Little. And Joe Morgan there. joke here. It's. No hardware store. He does great in band. Perfect game. Greatest. Event I've ever

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    got our first our first line or against them which were lucky to do with that in that situation. Puck came right to Joe Morgan missed the net. And away way action and obviously a world class He even pulled me I actually thought it was an issue

  5. You giants' first lane and 820 you came the following year in 83 was the first time you guys meant. Joe Morgan was. Involved in the deal that brought Mike over so I was in completely in on that deal because it meant I was gonna get a chance

  6. was my favorite coach in he had played in every level that you played possible wallets in the major leagues they would Joe Morgan . And he was my high school coach and he instilled in all of us you know we've recently had his retirement and Mike

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