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8.12: Vin Scully on the Giants and Dodgers heading west



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Thu, 21 Jun 2012|

Tommy Milone joins Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper to talk through his first complete game when he gets a surprise from Dallas Braden.


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Tommy congratulations. What was the conversation in the dugout. After he didn't did Bob Melvin see you think you did he ask you how I felt the stars -- you back out there for the night. You know you just kind of walked over -- me and then looked at me I -- really your recent play in his insight not in his hands like you're here. If for the ninth and -- shipments that yes. That's not it. Because everybody talks about -- pitching at the coliseum. Which came in with a 411 record and zero point nine. Earned run average phenomenally here what is the difference for you pitch in the coliseum as opposed it away from home. -- -- a -- myself that -- I feel just as comfortable when I go on the road for some reason you know. I get behind hitters and and keep the ball keeps getting up in the zone and then you know nothing good can come from -- When that happens that -- -- visited -- and I talked about it at the end of the game. -- -- It is something that's drive. What we'll let Tommy put together yard right now so here good good good that we've been. -- the question I was in the middle of asking was -- you know how important is it to. -- -- -- pitching -- gave the stars or maybe earlier in the game to keep your pitch count down. You know what I gotta give it my defense today you know as I was given up some some long fly balls and you know who tracking them down and they feel loose feel on the ground balls and then you know. Woods took like five innings or four innings for me to get kind of settled in there you know after that I felt pretty comfortable. It's that obvious -- after the AT&T U -- reversed the players got to sort some of the highlights in your great pitching tonight and stuff about what I did you -- talk about your changeup because. Win your pitching your best to keep the changeup down broad mix it the other pitches talk about your pitching especially the change -- you know it today it was just an accident. You know just keeping everything on the zone and and going up and now when I needed to you know I would think this makes Sloan and thrown everything for strikes and you -- -- And you know when that happens you know. You know for success in the end it did today because -- That's the most important thing. The best guy he had Dallas OK good I don't know at least you know. -- he's on the disabled list with a bad left shoulder and he just dumped it with the left Silva so that tells you just like. Met him last night so that. Highlights of this but Tommy this is your next start is probably get a -- at Seattle Yahoo! I would think so. What we want to do is we want to interview after the performance of the road to be able to do that yeah definitely guys that's definitely you know I have to mention it to tell you so that your dad wanted to watch the great hall of -- Vin Scully. -- -- that no matter who's -- watching that I he had to be very impressed with his son did a tremendous job thank you very much -- it up right where we get a -- you're dead over though it. It better appeared to get to -- jobs aren't that I -- that time we.

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  1. guys that's definitely you know I have to mention it to tell you so that your dad wanted to watch the great hall of Vin Scully . that no matter who's watching that I he had to be very impressed with his son did a tremendous job thank you very

  2. jocular or is it dodger errors are you mad at him darn Willie McCovey Zaria did. Justices such you know to listen to Vin Scully the games brought up in San Diego there and it was just. So absolutely fantastic to see at all grows now and how helpful

  3. you know Africa's I always thought that. I wanted to find a place in and beat their for a long time my Russian year Vin Scully was LA Jack Buck was in Saint Louis truck. The guys seem to stay in those one that the one place and I thought man that