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Tue, 16 Jul 2013|

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Anytime you have talked football into those name gets mentioned -- you know what's -- right here Yahoo! Sports talk live. That's why I bring in my best friend and we're kind of office mates here Kate longworth first I've got a bone to pick -- you. Are you six foot -- taking me to show you. -- you're -- head taller than me. As noted this shoulder back -- did you posture after the show did all right we're gonna do that show better on TV nets -- guy did you know well biking yet have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game. I had not that guy get bonus points very taking have fallen BP -- might not yeah I did off my -- so hey I've either had seen as outlawed games. Well it's like one -- -- thousand so let's show them video I'm Greg ELY hope today it out by now lottery ticket be pet. Natalie did he gets full on foul ball. Or two. 03 and I get out who aren't -- -- yeah I took the without all of yesterday had it in me in the game and an extra bonus for him. The Indians once it -- I'm not gonna get in -- need there's not as many people understand that at Cleveland game when it got their -- -- celebrate this accomplishment because. This something that happens with average pace but found one in a thousand -- so that's quite. -- -- I asteroid coming at that's okay that's a one about then I also looked at those guys. That's like being able to sneeze with your eyes open if you're really old right now CF you can do it can get back because a lot of snow wind -- -- thousand against the disease. What they're right. Cannot do what I cannot do that and when I first heard the story at but clearly he had his own section the ball came to him. -- know -- -- amazing story amazing to see let's say it was a baseball things up on what's trending. Including first pitches I would love to when they throw first pitch but evidently was pretty ugly in Tampa. Yet and we call this the highlight. Maybe not really all Larry you know I'm young yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- it does strike art not may be -- let's just -- safe car only range and this guy. -- -- -- -- As a -- I hate that I. UConn -- first pitches it doesn't even get to the -- of the greatest had to get out there are lining maybe. That's all that she heads now owns a good deal and I'm not -- Dignify this with any either like a girl I think we know that's not accurate but look at our own Dave Feldman. On the parade -- throw lane we put that next in that calming navy highlights. I don't know I guess that's one way to make our angered that sports and don't -- -- out of what they currently ray Jackson on that but this is really good for me because inevitably every time. And I'm kind of town -- get a -- Tuesday. -- -- -- related to have in depth that we'll now we can go on the record no no connection today. Does that she is so Canadian if they would have just put her up on the mound with a hockey -- -- you shot a strike is -- -- -- -- slap shot strike yet human radiation that event coming crappy is what I would call that thrill all right highlight -- People get in the road -- guy got out of his car on the bridge the other day again try to fight me on the bridge as a true story to they have road rage in the in auto racing in NASCAR events. Well I mean is not -- mark question because. Obviously. It peer competitor as you probably have a little underwhelmed and nobody asked. This might Robertson in North Carolina he went after his opponent Derrick sold and he could get the cars so what Andy NBA not -- on them. My feeling we'll look again it didn't care I mean I'm not running on the bridge this night. They all average in next time they -- that you apparently what you're. But you just keep driving they cannot catch up -- I learned that when I interviewed JaMarcus Russell I was running beside his heart. But you know he just you know you can get it in regular -- opponent what ever happened but beating the competition at craven got in the car trying to finish and not shirt that's kind of -- No that is crazy dangerous as men as I am looking at everything. Guys are all right that is -- training today. That is Kate longworth excellent job as always back tomorrow for more I would be hair and that he now I'm gonna keep the road -- -- that -- -- -- intrinsic. -- as we say to the people watching. Your welcome.

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