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7.12 Livestrong Challenge


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Thu, 6 Jun 2013|

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Victor Conte he's the founder of -- He is here and the course. Question yesterday Victor was bio Genesis vs Balco which scandal was more damaging to baseball when you on that which was worse. While -- obviously included. The Olympic athletes track athletes NFL athletes this is pretty much other than a boxer and a tennis player is predominantly. About. Major league baseball players so I think there's somewhat different. So someone different and you spread across more sports this is strictly about baseball by a Genesis the guy who runs it. Tony -- he is going to agree to talk to Major League Baseball and he is going to name names. When you chose to name names why did you do what why do you think that that Tony bosh chooses to take this -- I think this lawsuit against him is bringing enormous pressure he he went -- them and who knows who the what others and attempted to get their money in and out. Look across hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend yourself from them. Apparently he's made a decision that he's gonna come forward maim names. I think it's a mass I think you can draw parallels with the Clemens and and McNamee. I think they're gonna really attack his credibility. I think. Who knows how this is all gonna turn out but I would like to say that from Bob go to now I don't think the testing. Is all that much more effective. From the Lance Armstrong case I would like to see Major League Baseball realize as Lance Armstrong we know did more than 300 tests. After the investigation. They learned that he was using testosterone synthetic testosterone the entire time we're gonna get into that later on Victor Conte thanks for helping us out here on the pulse would stick around we're gonna get in depth with you. Later on here yeah I was born.

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    and it's amazing race it's the that you guys there but. Then things were. Already on the day itself that you my not over what. Lance Armstrong is over in about four five days so. You know. I wasn't the oldest guy in the right

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    minutes did. Certainly eviscerate. Lance Armstrong and He took a real beating his character ..... investigation and possible prosecution. Of Lance Armstrong the government doesn't know what ..... you for the failure particularly in Lance Armstrong you have to point it and everybody

  1. now I don't think the testing. Is all that much more effective. From the Lance Armstrong case I would like to see Major League Baseball realize as Lance Armstrong we know did more than 300 tests. After the investigation. They learned that

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    Testicular cancer twice. Second time I was just finished four of six rounds of chemotherapy. And ended up raising some money Lance Armstrong Foundation. And participated in the right for roses have been down there and at a meeting is oncologists to. Advised me

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    left ready. Gimme a minute on now Lance Armstrong Floyd Landis coming out tonight on ..... say that indeed. He has witness Lance Armstrong . Taking care of business there and that Lance Armstrong is as guilty as he is there's been

  4. Bush is timely certainly Floyd Landis got off I'm Lance Armstrong the bitter one that brought about a today of a different side of it. Is that they and medical visionary and high in the air persecuted

  5. there with all reports that state that also. Couple little things we have going on. Wouldn't be looking at the other Lance Armstrong doping charges that the Atlantis brought against him. Two and then we'll definitely have some talk about that. Role

  6. Bob let's continue to talk a great job of Lance Armstrong . Lance Armstrong finds himself third overall for years out ..... People say any cyclist of all time but that man Lance Armstrong and third did the best ever participating

  7. The Comcast sports net sports glass and Damon Andrews with the Tour de France winding down Lance Armstrong looks down but he's not out. Just yet. This seven time tour winner moved up to third place two places behind teammate Alberto

  8. More Lance Armstrong has a serious uphill battle if he wants to win the sort of on time bands were sports central sports flash. Armstrong fell nearly

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    time Alberto Costa or gets to put yellow on his shoulders. Lance Armstrong still a minute and 37 seconds back really the top five bouts ..... on her BA but today with that moves you kind of feel like Lance Armstrong . That acceleration built a little bit like it but. It

  10. Fans still has a chance in France Scott with the sports central sports Lance Armstrong made a strong surge in the sixteenth stage. Of the sort of friends he remains in second place overall a minute 37 seconds back

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    Lance Armstrong knows his chances of winning his 8th Tour de France are slim after Sunday's 15th stage left him 1:37 behind leader and Astana teammate Alberto Contador.

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    notion stays in looking Eric Hampton hotels. Overall standings notion he still six seconds in front of Alberto Costa or Lance Armstrong right there only eight seconds back really no change in the standings about today. No Levi and fourth in the Bradley Wiggins

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    now though at our camp the coach Phelps. Overall results after stays number ten notre keeps yellow just ahead of Alberto Lance Armstrong a couple of seconds back but check out this flip quote now importantly lost time. Levi moving into the fifth he lost a

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    nine. This is went down afterwards the overall standings brought you by Hampton hotels TV keeps yellow ahead of Alberto Lance Armstrong and Levi life primer it shouldn't know can faltered all the BS Donna in the top three spots on the podium tears and and

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    five. Can't so are still in yellow we still tied. With Lance Armstrong wins his teammate Alberto still unfair to start a second ..... reading so far from the squad led by Albert goodwill tour and Lance Armstrong six through ten have a lot of garments slip writers in their

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    includes you Oh absolutely on the edge of very chairs when Lance Armstrong comes to the Tour de France. It is gonna be good and it ..... the melee at the finish of today's stage to talk with Lance Armstrong but plants and has been a long time since you've been

  17. when it happens the big. Just overall beneficiary of that splits in the group who was none other team that's done as Lance Armstrong he moves from tenth. Took third in our Tour de France overall standings cancel Lauro also made that break was in the front