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7.12: Tour de France- stage 9 report



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  2. Allstate0:45
  3. Jersey2:02, 2:26, 2:58
  4. Hampton0:51
  5. pyrrhic victory0:27
Sun, 12 Jul 2009|

Santa Rosa's Levi Leipheimer (interviewed) is in 4th place overall, :39 seconds behind Lance Armstrong after the 9th stage of the 2009 Tour de France.


Machine Generated Transcript

The formal way has been known to figure simply scare the legs off many a writer but to -- two -- particular ignored the pain. Better than most. Hello everybody all of Bob -- I'm Craig -- were rapid upstaged number nine on paper Bobby it was a major mountain stage the Pyrenees but by the finish it didn't play out that way. It seemed like a big -- -- from sixty guys coming to the line but they could not catch. The two men that went out early pyrrhic victory go and Frankel -- so do they climb the cold bats banned by themselves they kind of the to torn away by themselves they did the whole dissent by themselves and did do all the way into town. On the valley road -- writing by the team and in the great way to hold off the charging -- Let's look at the -- Allstate number nine. This is -- went down afterwards the overall standings brought you by Hampton hotels -- TV keeps yellow ahead of Alberto -- -- Lance Armstrong and Levi life primer it shouldn't know can -- faltered all the BS Donna in the top three spots on the podium tears -- and and six. Vanden overhang and company. Frankie and -- you caught up with leave my life primer after the -- They dive -- just demand the very least three days in the mountains but. Kind of different state is that what we've seen in the past it you had any indication of who may be your biggest challengers climbing wise. Well I think we site yesterday that and he's like with strong. It seemed like you know he attacked and before the four of us I think we were doing okay but you could tell that heard a lot of people nobody was. -- funky after that and but that's really the only indication that I mean other than. You know the last couple can't -- less -- race we -- that the best I was there south. You know it's still. Sort of open race here after the Pyrenees and today's the last sixty -- that didn't feel like amount stage. It seemed extremely best UT has been doing a lot of work on the front the last few days even without the yellow Jersey. Seemed like. Had to bring up a few recruits yesterday. Meaning you're yourself include -- had been writing on the front before. Overall three climbing -- done a rest day tomorrow the feeling. I well today went a lot better force because we we did not let any age to -- -- going to break way to try to end it. You know that was obviously a mistake yesterday because. You know that yellow Jersey we had -- that works out stated it all the work which is good. And you know I think yesterday when Andreas and I were sort of controlling it. Maybe -- looks looks are deceiving we we're actually just slowing -- down and in. It was a steep enough climate didn't really matter so. We're just. Showed our strength and I think. Everybody realized that -- you know was gonna work yesterday so we Brantley -- most team back together. -- longer -- can avoid the responsibility of the yellow Jersey no longer they can rest and recon. Their plan of attack.

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