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7.23: SportsFlash- Tour de France, Stage 18


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Sun, 25 Jul 2010|

SportsNet Central reports that Spaniard Alberto Contador has won the 2010 Tour de France, his third victory in four years.


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27 year old Spaniard Alberto camp and -- poised to win his. It's sort of -- title in four years after retaining the yellow Jersey Saturday. In the next the last dated. Bobby and how come out of Switzerland one of 32 mile individual time trial while. Papadore extended his slim lead at 39 seconds going into Sunday's ceremonial but now.

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  1. 7.21: Tour de France stage 16 wrap

    do that with the Jersey even though there will practice they've been doing it's pretty much throughout the whole Tour de France . Let's take a look right now at the overall standings brought you by Hampton hotels. For the second time Alberto

  2. 7.26: Tour de France - Contador wins, Lance 3rd

    cranky and trailer at the end of the day. Spoke with mark Cavendish. Mark congratulations six stage who has yet the Tour de France you said the number one goal to win here shots that they I was winning today's all important Horry. Everything has

  3. 7.25: 2010 Tour de France Won by Alberto Contador

    SportsNet Central reports that Spaniard Alberto Contador has won the 2010 Tour de France , his third victory in four years.

  4. 7.20: Tour de France , Stage 16: Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong was part of a sprint among seven riders at the end of Stage 16.

  1. Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong speaks to the media regarding former teammate Floyd Landis' steroid accusations.

  2. In this SportsFlash from Wednesday July 22nd, SportsNet Central'as Dave Benz reports that Lance Armstrong's bid for an 8th Tour de France victory is in serious jeopardy following stage 16.

  3. In this SportsFlash from Tuesday July 21st, SportsNet Central's Scott Reiss reports on Lance Armstong's strong finish in the 16th stage of the Tour de France .

  4. 7.19: Lance Armstong after 15th Stage


    Sun, 19 Jul 2009

    Lance Armstrong knows his chances of winning his 8th Tour de France are slim after Sunday's 15th stage left him 1:37 behind leader and Astana teammate Alberto Contador.

  5. 7.15 Tour de France : stage 11 report


    Wed, 15 Jul 2009

    Back to back stage wins for Mark Cavendish after he takes another stage in the 2009 Tour de France on Wednesday.

  6. Mark Cavendish won the 10th Stage of the 2009 Tour De France on Tuesday.

  7. 7.12: Tour de France - stage 9 report


    Sun, 12 Jul 2009

    Santa Rosa's Levi Leipheimer (interviewed) is in 4th place overall, :39 seconds behind Lance Armstrong after the 9th stage of the 2009 Tour de France .

  8. 7.8: Tour de France - Stage 5 report


    Wed, 8 Jul 2009

    Lance Armstrong holds onto 2nd place after stage 5 of the Tour de France ; the grueling mountains of Spain are next.

  9. Lance Armstrong comments after his strong effort in stage 4 of the Tour de France left him only one second behind leader Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland.

  10. 7.7: Tour de France - Stage 4 report


    Tue, 7 Jul 2009

    run towards the wind and that includes you Oh absolutely on the edge of very chairs when Lance Armstrong comes to the Tour de France . It is gonna be good and it it's always a much better event. And the racing it's so intense with lance in the

  11. the last time we saw a big crosswind battle here the Tour de France apart like he did today but it really is feeling when ..... Lance Armstrong he moves from tenth. Took third in our Tour de France overall standings cancel Lauro also made that break