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Wed, 11 Jan 2012|

Matt Maiocco is joined by the 49ers beat writers Cam Inman, Matt Barrows and Eric Branch. They break down both sides of the ball heading into the playoff game with New Orleans.


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Is that -- and I'm joined by the four traveling beat writers covering the 49ers for Bay Area newspapers came in and Matt barrows. Eric branch let's talk about the playoff game on Saturday. Keys of the game campus there's 26 of them personally -- -- six and Frank Gore is in the top ten I think the number like he's got to be. Containing Drew Brees LA doesn't throw for 400 years. Yeah I can't increase Drew Brees is number one Kia being down. Getting getting to him especially in this in the middle of that offensive line we've got two great guards and Jahri Evans and Carl -- I think that he is really. Justin Smith Henry McDonald getting pressure on Drew Brees of the middle Karl's next Huard draft crash of the year let. 2000 was that he was that 2008 draft correction and I think. Did you did you say Gerry Evans just to show off that you know their roster I know those two guys because they're all pros -- -- -- that I should know those guys and -- branch. Well I think when you look at this it's going to be Ricky Jean friends from law and how he handles you know his spot duty. Six snaps that is an appeal it has ever been -- definitely. -- those -- -- -- different but obviously. I think Drew Brees is going to be important in trying to. At least contain him be able -- naturally you look at Michael thank you threw for 400 yards. They haven't played that many elite passers but when they have them exactly you know stop them so. I'm thinking can prevent -- from influence for. -- -- -- -- -- Three touchdown to John Skelton I don't know what you mean by no league passers. Exactly you look at the list you know it's been Kellen Clemens and AJ Feeley and the list goes on. You know I think at Patrick -- huge game for him coming off the injury he didn't play that well it's Rams if he's gonna be I think easily locked up on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yet. Yes I did absolutely. I mean that's been kind of at the surprise element about Patrick Willis is in the seizes him against tight end and he's on pretty well -- contain them in the fact that. Jimmy Graham with such a big part of the saints' offense I think that's. That really is one of the -- keys to see how Patrick. Whether he's fully recover from that hamstring if you can still do his regular linebacker duties but also cover the top notch tight end up -- All throw a you know I I think the safeties and corners safeties are gonna have big games you know Donte Whitner. It's gonna have to coverage Jimmy Graham big games are being tested. Be tested yet to be tested by everybody and we know they'll get grand on the field they're gonna get Devery Henderson Robert Meachem on the field. On this this is going to be a big game for us the strong goals and he's going to be the guy that has to be back there and choose correctly. As far as which which of these do you guys to cover on on any given. I -- I know there's a lot of talk about that the Saints running game of the guys here talked a lot that I see it as more and knowing it's more than anything you think there were right I think it's really that -- I think it's almost equally. You know take and they will say that Darren Sproles is raises fassel fifty running back. But everybody knows that whole offense revolves around Drew Brees who can throw to Darren Sproles -- -- and -- can take up forty yards on the field. I think there's gain it with the template for this game this is the Philadelphia game and we for me to get a great job on LeSean McCoy. Com they allowed you know he would Eric Mangini of Elam picked up report 26 but he didn't allow any of those big passes ago. In the end zone and I think that's sort of a -- I think Drew Brees can have a lot of yards but not a lot of points and the corners it's still thought -- you know and on this welcomes -- ribeiro barrels at 426 I said you know 400 some but so anyway he's he's a -- absolutely yeah generally get the score in the neighborhood he gets it right out there and get off to an all pro by the way it's. And other thing I think the Saints I think their defense is highly overrated -- -- them greatly and all the blitzing. We'll see they had fewer sacks in the 49ers who don't blitz a whole lot. They had fourteen fewer interceptions I think the 49ers offense has a chance and and and can score in the thirty's but I think they have a chance at him. Have one of their better games -- what you read. As you think okay here comes the blitz so if they're not getting sacks that are at least they're causing lots of turnovers because the quarterbacks are just being harassed and nine interceptions. That's not many. Look at the Saints two years ago. So it was if you when the Saints were in the Super Bowl mean their defense on -- that was create turnovers and that's what the 49ers to punish yourself. Note he usually has given up more. Pat's played it forty yards or more than normal things straight 1414 yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I mean if you look at -- more specific numbers for you that turnover differential for the 49ers. Mike Sweeney must 120. -- Try to be specific kind of blow it. -- the senses minus three so I mean obviously you know the they've been error free on offense and inefficient and they've got to you know be able to do that and controlled the ball. And I was not turn it over to Drew Brees you know make an eight or -- possession game for the Saints. And I think it's good. They're gonna go back to Frank -- they got to get back that early that early season of francoeur just pounded away keep the ball away from the opponents and you know he hasn't had a hundred meter yard rushing game the second half the season can you think he's healthy. Who francoeur yet. Even if he is that I that he was healthy going into Philadelphia and he ran for a 140 or so and so I think the fact that he's going to be playing its first playoff game he gets into it at home where he. We some care on the fly in the end zone. I think it's a huge. -- do you think now that I I agree with cam I do I do think he's healthy I think. The 49ers have been saving him for this moment to hand down you know you can see that on on Saturday I think we go back to the Frank -- 20/20 five carries a game. You know where they're hoping he's got a 145 yards of. Into the four quarters I must say when when the week started -- yeah you don't seem to get a win this game the more I think about it. I think the foreigners -- -- it and I if I were to give a prediction which I am right now I'd say like 24 to 20/20 three play stuff like that that outline and engage your predictions -- I make a prediction I'll say -- weapon out at least you know I am I angry at -- yeah I think it's going to be the 49ers I mean I can totally see David -- game winning field goal as time expires and go. 2624. 49ers and secondly David Akers -- field goal of the game are there are so. Clutch when he sick you know that is certainly not on both scores to help volley doesn't know NASA it was built in my good -- Monica is okay and Eric. Okay. I hate to do that's because part of me says. If this coaching staff is so good and they have two weeks to prepare and they kind of knew the Saints were going to be -- their opponent for for two weeks. The other part of me just doesn't see how the secondary Sox Drew Brees and you know for the faithful I apologize. -- say -- thirty and niners twenty. So I -- close game heading into the fourth quarter for sure I'm -- I'll agree that impact I think it actually going to be a lower scoring game minute and general think I think that the defense is gonna come to play. Great well thanks for checking us out on the web that -- in and Matt barrows Eric branch MM -- Enjoy the game on Saturday.

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