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Sat, 27 Jul 2013|

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We good yeah. Guys started. To be comfortable with the tobacco did it may be a mentor to catch him -- So I'm excited. Chances this very. It's. No no -- training camp. Workshop that was side you didn't result not a center started planes and -- plated in and -- in game I started four games this year there's assets. And how does it feel like second it's it's getting there yet you know obviously it's a new position over the last two years. And I do you feel comfortable there and not. It was a more reps they get doing it better off field. But I haven't had much problem was -- changes. And understandably so that's the first to understand what to do. You learn how to do it addressing these. Yeah so assertive more qualified the ones. Played right guard with the -- most comfortable. Yeah I think that played their most. Last couple. What did you. Would you think don't -- transition probably wouldn't come without actually jealous guys on here. He played real. Problem I think they'll fight possession should -- As I know works. If you put them we've on the psychologically this year and executing pitches that I have. Don't think I don't. If your guy he's got huge -- and he's going to be dome where it is very. That mindset that you have to like as a veteran yet to -- He's fine with the idea of being the back -- even even a starter throughout. What has to happen for you -- can get into that role I'm I'm mentally there I I came in come into it and US. I was I had other offers a gold stars and I want to be here. I'm comfortable that rule and you know Dolphins lines -- as you guys get hurt unfortunately. It's going to be able to rule in place. In August playing time and they'll be some stuff maybe I can do outside -- maybe. -- he'll play there. I'm excited to watch these -- guys you guys spend a lot of time these guys. And it's exciting to be here. Knowing this. The staff uses -- personality crises and tight -- here and read it maybe you know we haven't talked about it it could be some of them in the past. So we'll see how it goes you don't get to camp and did real good field playable again and get our. Do you mean one. There. Does it feel like it was in the state them are you know I wouldn't say who -- -- wouldn't say it was a mistake you know I mean decision. That I had to make you business side of football and I made a decision and obviously do work out ways. I thought it might have about it I could indeed be more happy he'll be back here and the -- guys. First as -- -- just felt comfortable you know. And so. I'm ecstatic my dad was ecstatic you know got -- -- -- stuff it's a -- they're ready to bring it back it's their serves or against. We're excited. Stores such as it was it was in my room I kept it a debacles like -- kept close watch. It.

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  4. We good yeah. Guys started. To be comfortable with the tobacco did it may be a mentor to catch him So I'm excited. Chances this very. It's. No no training camp. Workshop that was side you didn't result not a center started planes and plated in and in game I started four games this year there's

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  16. score bottom line. Darted down with a chance to work on for Snyder says a blast to deep center field. The runners up to third ..... by the freedom the other but it just gets more the double is Snyder and the recently cut it to line. Still look more to leopard

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  19. about and they just followed up. We don't picks off the Snyder shoulder lays there for moral of the Because skating ability when did all night long he gets that puck first right Snyder can't cradle it and who gets to a person Patrick the one

  20. those games you open your offense. Finds a way to get it done with their there was only on top of his game. When you see les Snyder going back to ten inning start last year mean does that give you more an appreciation for being able to beat him twice the World