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Mangini on 49ers coaching staff: 'It's ego-less'



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Tue, 4 Jun 2013|

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It's exciting that could -- be able to do something like this is really exciting he'll do it in a place like San Francisco. To me that that was a big part of you wanna come back. Very different. A tricky community. And -- You know being -- as a coach you appreciate -- History appreciated sports of everybody have a goal for me as -- I clubhouse soul whatever that means whatever that -- into. That's the most important thing -- Open. You know open and he's a lot of things and it and the -- at -- moment -- room and these are really very. Very. Period. A lot of eagerness is a coordinator or position coach would you expect it to be on the -- -- -- could -- You know I haven't I haven't -- that -- through the good thing that you -- It's more. Trying to pick out this job and trying to I can help this week. -- systems. Assume we'll let you want AFC championship you were -- doing so many things right yeah. Finally come and help. -- -- -- Two years it's your defense if -- decent looks good. I would never outlook that he's got I don't want album on the run loses. -- we can do many great things again. Yeah. Yesterday. Yeah at the computers set up the phone and keep it in. You know who. Good. Almost weird. Thing. To do and I did not agree that. -- -- -- I think that he had defense coordinator worked in fourteen years and the whole defense and and and as a head coach. Be able to. Give -- head coach's perspective of that experience. -- obviously things went totally different. In a totally different way then -- was an assistant. I think even being at least for a couple of years and working. Eddie standing getting a broader view of of what's happening we -- -- if you have -- well. And -- You know when I first got the job of the head coach and I was Bill Parcells told me out on the other. My schedule them what I want to do for the record easily -- things up every day they don't prepare for and and he was right. Yet these great schedule and there's there's just issues whether it's players you -- scheduling issues or. Different ways this season unfolds. Dealing with a head coaching perspective is totally different a lot of stuff they did. Sailor bill Bill Belichick Bill Parcells did the time I didn't really understand after after doing that. How much greater appreciation sports I wouldn't I couldn't really give -- specific but. It just. I had bill Callahan and my staff and New York. And his greatness sometimes -- bring bill Phillips say what do you what do you think it's it's. Okay. Pre K. And and Reagan and all the guys here is the it's its eagle it. That's really killing everybody just wants to get them at the right answer. And to me. Input it seems the -- -- I'm happy to offer. Help. There's -- a lot of stories this offseason about teams going back to school to try to learn the read option U defense it's how do you defended have you. But yourself tonight you started thinking along those lines to it if I'm a deep as a guy had a -- -- green. Was -- in my -- some last year where you go you look at the emergence of -- and Tebow and then. Cam Newton ended common RG three and all those different guys. You see that did these -- seeing different ways teams have approached it throughout the course of the last two years. So yet look at it from from that perspective who. You know who who was gonna try to pressure newspaper coverage. -- Do your job basically your job is to try to stay one step ahead of the -- he -- just. Yeah I did it have that's that's what well. You'd think they'd want to -- it really turns. Think they wanted your input too and maybe it. Toward what you bring in terms that kind. That school. Well I think that anytime you can have different ideas it it's a good it's a good thing and down. Sometimes you see things one way and then to be exposed so -- I did you hear it. Other thing and someone hit some don't hit I used to like having some college coaches on my staff -- You know we did have staff turnover. You never want to lose a guy would have a great -- to have a new idea is and I would. Somehow bring in an ex head coaches are retired head coaches to have -- visit it's just it's just a way to to try to keep growing. I think.

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  20. they were going to be. A little ovals you know they were beautiful cities and they are. You know they've been an AFC championship game two years right. He's a fantastic coach and his players follow his lead. And they got it I mean He's also