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Tue, 15 Oct 2013|

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Sunny -- seeking in his CD dropped the Raiders to Cuban court. They had the silver and black staring up at 26 no team in the AFC west. Steal after the game Terrelle Pryor refused to -- -- -- out of the post season game it's not his game greater squad had years -- And I'm not worry about playoffs right that's lasting no more about more about trying to get this team better I do like. This football team. We're competing. We have chances to win games we got to figure out ways to win games we have those opportunities and that's really the bottom line. When I heard the comments a -- and as far as being a playoff team. I definitely believe that we had potential to do what potential is nothing without the execution. Although prior took a huge step that Sunday could challenge is giving his young quarterbacks an affirmation. Claiming he -- the future of the franchise. Don't think he played as well as is this he would like to what we wanted to into. You know in the game the other day but again he's still young player means. That was. What his fifth start. This season so. He's still got a lot of growing to do a lot of get better too but. He's you know he's talented player and you know we're gonna continue to. To try to build. Don't deal with him and and try to grow with him. Throw the Crumpler play with them and it's. And his great it to know that he's he's in our future and he's he's going to be around for a. Now when trying to learn coach Allen said he's the future of the Raiders prior told reporters that he appreciates the seven minute but said. I can't keep performing like I -- in the cheats because I won't have a job very long. If that's the case it now need to with the readers -- Smith Comcast sports net.

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    going to be where all the fun stuff at the end of the year AFC west is wide open is now the Peyton Manning sort of throw balls ..... s gonna get it eight wins eight to nine wins wins this AFC west know. Not nine wins it for sure went to hear your weakest

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  1. Raiders willing to grow with Pryor


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    Sunny seeking in his CD dropped the Raiders to Cuban court. They had the silver and black staring up at 26 no team in the AFC west . Steal after the game Terrelle Pryor refused to out of the post season game it's not his game greater squad had years

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    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Raiders fell further behind in the AFC West following Sunday's 24-7 loss to the Kansas City. The Chiefs and Denver Broncos are 6-0. The Raiders have dropped to 2-4

  3. against the Kansas City Chiefs. But all signs point them having a full complement of running backs. Heading into a crucial AFC west matchup. The biggest knock against Raiders wide receiver to various Moore was his consistency. He always has won super

  4. against the Kansas City Chiefs. Because we just don't know if their back is going to be able to play and that crew so. AFC west clash now if they can't Marcel Reece is going to be your guy and that should be a major cause for concern because he

  5. Celtics in 81 of those guys back I don't really think it matters which got to get them. you pick. Kansas City to win the AFC west okay you Scott could not out of Evan obviously play some great football you feel about this matchup in and the greatest

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    Coliseum by Oakland Athletics during the postseason. The proposed switch would have the Raiders travel to San Diego on Oct. 6 and play the Chargers at home on Dec. 22. It would be a straight switch of home dates between the AFC West rivals.

  7. given time and most people discount. The that he nickel back plays. In a defense but in a pass happy division like the AFC west nickel back is absolutely crucial and the. Oakland Raiders have a couple of good ones Joselio Hanson. Occupied that

  8. need that penalty at all but again. Yes it's for the benefit of his teammates and also just a way to support isn't AFC west little. Denver is Denver owners and everyone else is in its.

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    restructure itself and build a solid foundation for the future so they can win. Each and every season and always contend for AFC west division titles and try to go to the playoffs just like they have in years past. I mean a great point on there which

  10. something about yourself. Well I've covered the San Diego Chargers for the last five move I know as someone. I of AFC west expert but movement on north to the other side of probably what I believe is the most passionate rivalry within this division

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    Ex-Cal receiver and current Chargers rookie Keenan Allen recently posted a video of himself wearing a Raiders hat, causing a stir among AFC West fans.

  13. of that there higher seed. Felt like the fact that at the Raiders are in contention there last three games are against AFC west divisional foes and achieve the Chargers and Broncos so it they have anything to say they can say at the last three games

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    So what effect, if any, does Alex Smith moving from across San Francisco Bay to the AFC West with the Chiefs have on the Raiders? Insider Paul Gutierrez explains.

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    Fri, 18 Jan 2013

    Former Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, who was fired the day after Oakland's season finale loss at San Diego will stay in the AFC West .

  16. or not any in the Broncos are coming to town just four days leading the Raiders with a short week to prepare. For the AFC west leaders without their head votes. that I talk frequently all the time anyway it. But this is personal matter for him

  17. to flirt with that once again this season. And in this year that might just be enough to get them their own division AFC west . With that said do you really feel like they're a potential. Playoff team is that something they can pull off and

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    Mon, 29 Oct 2012

    be volleying led Denver does night after the Chargers. Lose the fact that you guys are such a great position and then AFC west what does that mean to the Raiders and had you try to keep that foot on the gas right now. What do we have worked sure

  19. Raiders' safety Tyvon Branch on the Raiders first back-to-back victory of the season against divisional rival Kansas City.

  20. Address the need for the Raiders have more of a pass rush. I would talk a lot about these new look Raiders but there AFC west rivals in Denver got quite the off season they Adding Peyton Manning Sunday the silver and black we'll get a firsthand