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1.23: Jim Harbaugh press conference Part 2

Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

Vic Fangio was preparing his unit for Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown. Now, the 49ers expect to see mostly Trent Richardson in the backfield.

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  1. 11.10: 49ers practice -- Vic Fangio

    Fangio addresses the media before facing the Giants, touching on the news that Ahmad Bradshaw will not be playing for New York.

  2. Matt & Mindi: You gotta feed the ball to Frank Gore

    running game and that's exactly what the Giants did for the Giants were not running the ball effectively and all. Ahmad Bradshaw in the first three quarters averaging about three yards a carry but then in the fourth. Order I mean they just beat

  3. 1.23: 49ers review -- Matt and Mindi

    turnovers and Jim Harbaugh thought they should have. Generated a turnover when Navarro Bowman ripped the ball away from Ahmad Bradshaw but of for only the third time this season or did not happy takeaways on defense and. A few moments ago we were able

  4. Matt & Mindi: 'We'll find out if Bills game was tease or not'

    to have Victor Cruz. They mainly from the slot now playing mostly on the outside. I he does decent still also the Ahmad Bradshaw and get right back at just over 200 yards. In his last game I mean hopefully is like this'll be a little tired

  1. 49ers expect to see healthy dose of Richardson


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    Wednesday's practice the Colts added Richardson in a trade. So, now, instead of preparing to face running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown on Sunday at Candlestick Park, the 49ers expect to see mostly Richardson in the backfield.

  2. Pagano: Richardson will play vs. 49ers


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    from the Cleveland Browns for a first-round draft pick. The 49ers had been game-planning to face running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown. Now, they know there's a new running back for whom they must prepare. Indianapolis Colts coach

  3. NFL Notes: Tebow signs, practices with Pats


    Wed, 12 Jun 2013

    In news around the league, the Patriots announced the signing of Tim Tebow and the Colts signs former Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw .

  4. that is because he has had a lot of success in the last year and under this new regime. To me he reminds me a lot of Terry Bradshaw who have played with the old still that Terry went there when we weren't very good to name had some struggles gotten better

  5. Familar face concerns 49ers' defense


    Thu, 18 Oct 2012

    got to get off blocks better we got to tackle better you know. In the fourth quarter last week we get that done. A lot of Bradshaw the first back to rest for more than 100 yards against the 49ers this season. And next up the only backs to top the century

  6. our defense you can never take. This is you know these kids who. Any time. You know make them play. The offense Ahmad Bradshaw . You never returning punts last week that you can victory outside the biggest difference overall this this offense

  7. is key and then get in his face you know and hit them quarterbacks to get it. Shutting down the run won't be easy Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 200 yards the previews weird yes yes and it's is going to be. Defense playing defense. And what the

  8. the Giants. Second time in five years in the big game what do those number 3042. Times it touched off. Touchdown Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 72 and they score. The big finish 89 play 88 yard drive that with the Giants up for what about a minute

  9. But then make a run the football is really at the end of the day the Giants wanna be able to pound the football. You know Bradshaw and Jacobs. Home don't get in there you know 23 yards at a time give self. Third down in 33 down and for that makes it

  10. this time of the year you must receive those teams us we're through so there no different than there is really good team on Bradshaw back has been huge for them I think you all the way he's just. Progress with those receivers and get on the same page you

  11. makes out one You know there's a lot of stress theirselves. Yeah you would think that he would favor him over say Ahmad Bradshaw who's more shifty guy. Or even Brandon Jacobs who's a bigger guy north south runner but. Buddy high center of

  12. end zone so. It's going to be a lot of fun to those two guys you know when I was in New York couple good backs with the Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs These guys are special and it's it's going on. And out of high school were you recruited well in practice

  13. to do media they kicked me look at what would you drive would you. Vocal leader that's right that's right Willis Terry Bradshaw wanna go you are any of that stuff they don't know two yards and two honest. Okay but Gary Miller auto what are they got

  14. are I'm doing stand up to prepare for real quick your football teams are those different Did his legend in the dusty Terry Bradshaw with that who would you will do. And I I love him Franco Harris and unload the Steelers. And Miami Dolphins but I do like

  15. 9.21: Chronicle Live- The League


    Wed, 22 Sep 2010

    State area yeah yeah we are you or your whole team littered with Jets and Giants taken an eagle or even I Hendry I'd Ahmad Bradshaw I think that the only guy and a half I. Ended up I'm from New York but I somehow I ended up a Cowboys fan. Think

  16. 10.11: NYG/OAK Postgame- Jon Alston


    Sun, 11 Oct 2009

    You know this is about team and part of strategy and winning. It's not draw those careless. Penalties it about Ahmad Bradshaw today really was elusive in precipitously slipped through your defense pretty easily. Good job of guys should very