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8.9: Ahmad Brooks out at least 2 weeks

Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

With Aldon Smith out, the 49ers look for increased quarterback pressure from Ahmad Brooks. Eric Winston has a history of allowing sacks.

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  1. Ahmad Brooks excited for future

    Outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks who joins us right now and I'll live we're talking a little bit earlier for you light pretty darn good right now it. That

  2. 49ers-Cardinals matchup No. 2: Ahmad Brooks vs. Eric Winston

    That tip number two 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks I right tackle Eric Winston Winston has kind of struggled ..... The 49ers have liked everything they've gone from Ahmad Brooks who is really their big pass rush threat with all the

  3. 2.29: Ahmad Brooks on his new contract

    I'm not Brooks NFL career got off to a rough start. Went through some adversity. And ..... morning and you know he's got a new day first starts to be productive. Brooks says first year head coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff another chance at

  4. 1.12: 49ers practice -- Ahmad Brooks

    Brooks talks about being comfortable going into the playoff game, as well as the "Tony Montana" song that has swept the locker room.

  1. Brooks hoping to work his way up the depth chart


    Tue, 15 Oct 2013

    The MarShon Brooks Tour makes another stop in familiar territory tonight when the 6-foot-5 guard returns to Brooklyn.

  2. Cardinals-49ers matchup No. 2: Brooks vs. Winston


    Fri, 11 Oct 2013

    With Aldon Smith out, the 49ers look for increased quarterback pressure from Ahmad Brooks . Eric Winston has a history of allowing sacks.

  3. do was in. Michael performance. Was outstanding. Work. Measure island after after this game along the par. And Ahmad Brooks . There's a there's a guy that. You know he does so many things for our defense pressure. Run game. Knock it

  4. Ryan: Brooks could be Celtics 'X-factor'


    Mon, 7 Oct 2013

    Bob Ryan and Gary Tanguay discuss the Celtics' new players and how much Brad Stevens still has to learn in the NBA.

  5. Stopping the that they have a very strong runner hearing foster's it was a change that dynamic does that change for the defense and roster and match job coming in on Sunday. Let me the blitz on us defense. You know he's a great. Cutback runner. In those big so you know we do come and make you

  6. announcement. In the and one person easy. One guy basically one day. Whether it did you know the the there's been screwed. My Brooks . Korean women here. Have confidence those guys in. When you do your job. Yeah I mean you know the guys we've gotten

  7. ball. And doesn't get called for intentional grounding because he had already back in the area and then the one timer Mike Brooks is right time he stepped to the side avoided the sacks if he does those little things to keep drives alive the and the heat

  8. justice now let's. Let's. That's on us. Coaches players that's also. Great to Seattle that. Thoughts on T minute mark Brooks when the girl plus Wilson from the reaction. Pardon us a lot of runs and Russell listener reaction. Do you. Tom. What they

  9. Matthews fined $15,000; Brooks , Boldin also fined


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    The NFL levied Week 1 fines Friday, and San Francisco got it worse than Clay Matthews, despite his dirty hit on Colin Kaepernick.

  10. Brooks , Crawford set to battle for minutes


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    The Celtics have a number of options at shooting guard, so how does Brad Stevens split up the minutes?

  11. may not okay. If 49ers defense lineman all ran the forty right now who would land has the fastest. Prior mark Brooks Ahmad Brooks okay. When did you get your first and took. A day six today and what was it. It was Marines symbol. I'm from

  12. New Orleans Saints on Monday really shows that they feel comfortable about some of the depth. Behind those starters Ahmad Brooks and all the Smith. The 49ers sign a veteran dance in the offseason he was mostly a special teams guy with a Cincinnati

  13. 49ers notes: Willis' 'contraption,' Brooks escapes suspension?


    Tue, 27 Aug 2013

    Lawrence Okoye is still on the 49ers' radar, Ian Williams is slated to start, Patrick Willis' contraption, Ahmad Brooks ' legal issues, longsnapper competition and more...

  14. Clara with your three and out. For the day. the prayers had virtually no depth at outside linebacker behind starters Ahmad Brooks and all the Smith. This year they added quarry living yea DN a free agent and also have Kym Johnson returning from

  15. Sources: 49ers shopping Haralson


    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    on Monday. The 49ers believe they have good depth at the outside linebacker position behind starters Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks . A year ago, the 49ers kept just three outside linebackers on the roster after Haralson was lost for the season due

  16. Smith. Was. Have purpose that works out that he was. He was yours Justin Smith. Was great. Eric don't play well. Ahmad Brooks in the horrible when. And in this our defense and just talk about the then a fine job all pre season. To give up finally

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  18. seem weird that he was willing to. Possibly go into a number that has been curse because between Russell and quarterback Aaron Brooks the only to ever Wear number two. They have a combined record of seven and 26. During the regular season. Watson made it

  19. Caps hoping Laich fills void at center


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    Capitals general manager George McPhee insisted last month that Brooks Laich could capably take over as his team's second line center this coming season.

  20. to get training camp reps against one of the best defensive fronts in the sharpening iron. When you're going against mark Brooks . All of them Justin. Mean that just makes you better as an offensive lineman. I can't emphasize that enough how important