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11.29: JAX/SF Postgame- Mike Singletary



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  2. Aubrayo Franklin4:58
  3. Al Harris3:37
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  5. Pittsburgh Steelers3:18
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Fri, 12 Nov 2010|

Our 49ers reporting tandem of Mindi Bach and Matt Maiocco shared a lunch together to discuss the state of the team they cover.


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-- -- nearly dark at David's credit cards treatment 49ers. Practice facility. Talk -- little corners but all of our lives yeah. Big game against the Rams didn't need it again it's. Yeah. That there -- okay we need. Yeah. -- yeah. It ain't got -- yeah. Yeah yeah and its it is an obviously choices can be the quarterback Sunday. Glad you waited fifteen -- old moving forward means seven games left after this week. It is his choice and don't like Terry said Alex is our quarterbacks healthy right now. -- I mean does anybody really expect that to be the starting quarterback Troy Smith went again. Yeah yeah as mentioned in the clock about the -- yeah. I think every match I played treatment. Eating right now about it and it didn't turn a little bit early to tell yeah. Pad kind of -- way to -- and I didn't play well yeah seven games mean at bat but yeah a lot of do think that he had other issues lately I think in the end that that happy and really given big play yeah. Definitely face and a one of the top young quarterbacks in the game yeah. Sam -- -- mean he peace and they're like receiving corps decimated by injuries and this kid can play you know and I asked. People do you sense now. Questions in the winner at Q what -- Email addresses quality -- Johnson and let placement open up the office. You know actually might just help them get that a minute again and I think yeah. Secondly it's at and he really -- -- everything went right yeah well yeah it. It. Happens you have to -- -- in the pond to Paul and he turned dramatically and it irreverent look at what ultimately run well they'll I don't think it became for the blow it wide open because -- still kind of what kind of debate -- yeah. I think more than just individual matchups of those incidents. The -- yeah. It is yeah Steve Spagnuolo he's -- very good teams coordinator that's right into the plans. He's going to be having active and bottles and and in the rookie of the young guys on the offensive line at the Davis. Yeah like your body. Tyler and ridge golf and he's going to be really tough these guys. Get there on there yeah so that guys don't come -- it's. Fun yeah bigger question. Who is number 59 and keep challenging for playing time person despite her special teams that. -- they there. Yeah that only got into practice yet has got Thaddeus Gibson from Ohio State and stood outside linebacker need -- I feel like. Stake here comes -- yeah I think that's at the it's. -- Here's the yeah. Alex and it literally that it gets. He's. He's an outside linebacker Stevenson didn't meet the Pittsburgh Steelers and finding these. They found this guy. Catching him in the fourth round. But at an injury and he lines up at Q supposedly there's. Bring someone up at practice like the 49ers that it played into this guy when they did not put a claim in court. Randy Moss didn't put him playing in her. Al Harris in the -- and -- on merit and. I don't think these guys can step on the field this year they already have four. Outside linebackers who are in the rotation the starters Haralson or Lawson also brought it out like hiding their -- -- has -- back burner. Just to get in the long try out and it -- can help next season which brings another question. Somebody asked. Who look. Yeah again. Contract extension according. And Manny Lawson is one of those guys having very good season. I don't think he's going to be that important about. Yeah. I didn't back that I think yeah. We're fine yeah. Yes he -- yeah. Yeah. They've always done is they've identified the guys they've done it time and they gardening you can sign up -- I don't like. Patrick Willis clearly they're gonna respect. -- Bernie gave hardy clearly who can literally burning gas heat fits into the future. Hey. Hey guys got their break it once they get the free agent market. They don't really compete in getting that inning or so got like. And you lost they might have a franchise tag available to them. So much yeah he behaves so yeah I mean losses Aubrayo Franklin -- -- They'll probably bring type one of those guys -- -- the franchise tag is available. But I would look at a guy like David fox. Who's done a really good job at -- and I know the poignant want to extend him. Keep him and the Tigers I would say -- department. I think it I think that yeah yeah. Right now I think I'd still go at Franklin again. Franchises again that nose tackle position. Those guys are stuck behind really aren't that lives I would say right now -- break out of. And yeah I think probably they rank them that I pride it's. Uncle yeah I think it really yeah -- happy that they -- helping -- -- -- defense has struggled. Yeah well I battled injuries and talked about everything that he's got players that didn't get better grasp and yeah. They need somebody that secondary Clement go and wouldn't be that team. Had a car that hit him well yet I didn't I think mainly because there's an amendment out of our opponent thirteen and and then as well give me yeah how that kind of earn him a little bit it was happy that no player mean yeah. Yeah I can't -- I I think we'll be right at it. I think it's -- -- -- yeah the only. I was so excited because. They already had breaks and head of late he's been a first round pick and teammates and got -- yeah that's in Tulsa. -- -- -- Do you doubt right now he's IR for the rest. -- you'll be coming back. That. Have I would be that that -- let -- back up front that definitely. Sound silly thing and I think about it is every question and I think I'll angry that he would do it again next week are active and I think that do you think it.

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