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Sarah Harbaugh and Alex Boone on 49ers Postgame Live

Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Five players were fined in the Cardinals-49ers game last week, though none more harshly than San Francisco's right tackle Anthony Davis.

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  1. Harbaugh & Maiocco make bet on Alex Boone's height

    Harbaugh talks about Boone's height and how it may impact his placement on the offensive line, and makes a bet with 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco.

  2. 4.7: 49ers OL Alex Boone on Chronicle Live

    Florida making his first appearance on I've got to look at your site training camp Fisher can't even believe that you I know how much weight did you repositioned her body to do it about forty pounds you lost four and let's get off poke it with Becker. Feel great you look great Ankiel you regular

  3. Alex Boone shares a private moment with a Giraffe.

    49ers OL Alex Boone , a zookeeper and a Giraffe. 'Nuff said.

  4. Know Your Opponent: Alex Boone

    Dave Feldman finds out how well Alex Boone knows New Orleans, Louisiana

  1. 49ers' Anthony Davis clipped with $15,750 fine


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    for an illegal clip during Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals, the NFL announced on Friday. Right guard Alex Boone , as previously reported, was fined $7.875 for "unnecessarily striking an opponent." Boone was penalized for retaliating

  2. Boone fined $7,875 for retaliation against Cardinals


    Wed, 16 Oct 2013

    Alex Boone was flagged for a personal foul late in the 49ers' win over the Cardinals, and his wallet took a hit Wednesday as a result.

  3. taught to be aggressive and physical and into immediately shut again composure it's very tough and it's something Alex Boone says he has to do a better job out in the future you can read more on that situation a more San Cisco 49ers courtesy

  4. Boone: Am I supposed to be an animal now?


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    Following the 49ers' win Sunday, right guard Alex Boone addressed the conflict that football players face every time they step onto the field.

  5. Texans-49ers matchup No. 1: Boone vs. Watt


    Sun, 6 Oct 2013

    Alex Boone has met every challenge since moving to right guard, but Houston Texans DT J.J. Watt may be his biggest challenge yet.


  7. After the yeah. That. It's. You can find let him. Quite It's a good core of a game like that unsentimental calls it's a disgrace and it's an embarrassment. You know I think we went out and we just. They got better and you know we were trying to. News and stuff that we shouldn't have been. And as an

  8. Boone: Matthews deserves punch in the face


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Jim Harbaugh had nothing more to say about Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, but Alex Boone sure did on Friday.

  9. and then. Joseph came in and protected his quarterback Alex Boone came and and Dennis did got a penalty but you think it ..... front Vista got to get up what Denny you said if. If Alex Boone and those guys hadn't gone after Matthews who would

  10. But that third and I together went to keep beating you right eligible where there's got to come together you know the offense full communication. That would Graham you know. Cole got there you look brave it out you know we're on the open up right up things are good. game better this way. You know I

  11. The 49 old line hungry for success and genuinely hungry they've been on the run through down. A lot of piece together. The key word together starting five returns intact from last season good for football and yes good for bonding. I think the one thing where you are alarms and a brotherhood so it's

  12. And it's. Very. To put next to you know how they please or they think it really helps the case you. You know it's it's a big advantage prosperous time it's drivers now trying to continue to. The and moving in that direction it's it's it's a lot of work and I think counselors joked that. Nothing

  13. were exceptionally flashy like bodies have left guard. Alex Boone right guard and shot it in the woods the veteran who ..... prospect. Adam Snyder. this week about a year ago now Alex Boone this starting guard that the use of the the back of the

  14. Boone excited about rhino namesake


    Wed, 12 Jun 2013

    Why is the and even a black rhino after you had to become involved this program. Well you know I went my wife my and can walk around in the zoo people got a most of are talking to us and and we went around with them a little bit in source all these animals are named after Giants players and and we

  15. 49ers will regroup, begin planning for next season


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) Offensive linemen Alex Boone and Mike Iupati stood in one corner of a near-empty San Francisco locker room and pondered just how close they had come to winning

  16. 49ers-Ravens key matchup No. 6: Boone vs. Ngata


    Sat, 2 Feb 2013

    When the 49ers lost to the Ravens over a year ago, it was Haloti Ngata having his way at the line. This year, one thing is different -- Alex Boone .

  17. Boone on Media Day: 'This is chaos'


    Tue, 29 Jan 2013

    Offensive lineman Alex Boone talks about his first media day experience and the bet he has with 49ers legend Dwight Clark.

  18. Boone & Davis form dependable duo


    Mon, 28 Jan 2013

    right side and Anthony Davis and Alex Boone are the right side of the 49ers offensive ..... shot was playing that game. With Alex Boone coming in stepping in he's given great continuity and Alex Boone in the Davis Cup form one of the

  19. Boone, Davis provided stability on right side of O-line


    Sat, 26 Jan 2013

    Not only were Alex Boone and Anthony Davis the anchors on the right side of the 49ers' O-line, they didn't miss an offensive snap all year.

  20. Boone: 'You've got to hurry it up'


    Tue, 15 Jan 2013

    Alex Boone talks about how the noise in Atlanta will force the 49ers to hurry back to the huddle.